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  1. Brass_Machine

    Gail In NM - He's Back

    Hi Gail! Glad to hear you are doing better. My thoughts are with you. Eric
  2. Brass_Machine


    Hi Don... Do you have any still pictures? Eric
  3. Brass_Machine

    My Dad's radial steam engine

    One piece! They look nicely done with the cooling fins. Fits the role of a radial (One of my favorite engines)
  4. Brass_Machine

    My Dad's radial steam engine

    Yup. That is a nice model. When I was in high school, we still had a vocational program. Machine shop, welding etc... Check that. I just went back and looked. The votech is still going strong in my hometown. The machine shop program is now called "Mechanical & Manufacturing...
  5. Brass_Machine

    My Dad's radial steam engine

    Hi Jim Fantastic model. Do you have more pictures of it? Thanks Eric
  6. Brass_Machine

    Timing belts - what to get and where to buy?

    Mcmaster Carr has them. MXL Belts Eric
  7. Brass_Machine

    SX2 Base, X2 column and airspring kit

    I had bought a SX2 base with the intentions of extending my X2's Y axis with it. The SX2 base has 30% more travel in the Y axis. It is a direct swap out for the X2... you would only need the correct lead screw for it or if you are CNCing your mill, make a longer ballscrew. LMS has them 20 TPI...
  8. Brass_Machine

    Hello from Sweden

    Ok. That is pretty cool!
  9. Brass_Machine

    Hello from Sweden

    Hiya Peter Welcome to HMEM. Nice little shop you have there! What is a paramotor? Eric
  10. Brass_Machine

    CnC class in Ann Arbor

    Hey Dave Got a link? Eric
  11. Brass_Machine

    Are we the fringe?

    I gave my brother in-law one of Elmer's engines. It sits on his desk at work... he works with a bunch of engineers. Same story, the day he brought it in, nothing got done. When they are in his office, it is always in someones hands. Ha! Eric
  12. Brass_Machine

    .315 dia boring bar needed

    Are you looking for an insert or a new boring bar? McMaster Has some boring bars with .5 shank... $16 to $19 link Eric
  13. Brass_Machine

    mini mill gas strut

    Derp! You are correct. Wasn't thinking about that.
  14. Brass_Machine

    mini mill gas strut

    Thanks! I like that design. I think I am going to try to imitate it? I saw that rysium used gas springs with six inches of travel. Is that what you used? Do you find it limiting? Also, did you make your pulleys? Eric
  15. Brass_Machine

    mini mill gas strut

    Hey Alan... Do you have pictures of your version? I am curious to know how it works as well? Did you use the same gas springs? Eric
  16. Brass_Machine

    Rivett Lathe - Amazing!!!

    Mosey... you can do things like this... Eric
  17. Brass_Machine

    Elmer's #13 - Open Column Twin with Poppet Valves

    Hi Stan! You are off to a great start with that engine. I have seen some of Dave's collection and I have seen Tin's stuff. Both are outstanding collections BUT even better are the people. I have met both Dave and Tin in person (sorry Scott, I haven't met you yet... though I am sure you fall...
  18. Brass_Machine

    Chuck key

    Thanks Rick. That is the info I needed! Eric
  19. Brass_Machine

    Chuck key

    Somehow, someway, I misplaced my drill chuck key for the mini lathe (X2). The other key that I have for the lathe tail stuck chuck is missing as well... I cannot for the life of me figure out which key I need to buy. I have a McMaster Carr near by. Help? Eric
  20. Brass_Machine

    High speed CNC spindle

    I hadn't seen your mill before... I knew it was DIY, but I didn't know it had a concrete column. How does it perform? Eric