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    Using a scanner to obtain x-y positions and other information off a part...

    Yes I used aluminum since that's easier to machine. It probably won't last as long as the original did but I only drive the old truck maybe 25 times a year. It's good to know someone with CNC isn't it?
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    Using a scanner to obtain x-y positions and other information off a part...

    I thought about trying that, but it's made of pot metal I think.
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    Using a scanner to obtain x-y positions and other information off a part...

    Dang... I had a real nice post going, then my old system crashed and lost it all. This time I'll keep it shorter. Needed to make one of these. A door rotor latch for my truck. To get all the x-y coordinates, radii, and angles I scanned it... Used AutoCad to scale and trace the profile of the...
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    Parallel Motion Linkage...

    MRA, Here's a 3D picture I drew that may help visualize the chassis link. My first post was a 2D drawing so it was hard to show the chassis link since it is exactly the same length as the other horizontal links. ON some museum examples (and JAy LEno's garage) you see they would mount a...
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    Parallel Motion Linkage...

    Hi, I know walking beam design is pretty straightforward but recently I worked up a cad drawing to lay out the hole positions and and details required to incorporate James Watt's 4-bar linkage. The image shown is sized for a 1" stroke so scaling up/down should be pretty simple. I show the...
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    Threading ?s

    Check out this guy...his videos are short and to the point. I already know a bit about threading, but darn if I didn't learn more tips from this guy...
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    Rotary table

    This dividing plate fits the Phase II 4" Rotary Table (PN 1727) and the 4" H/V rotary table (PN 1927). It consists of one plate with a set of 10 holes. This lets you divide a circle into 1/2 degree increments. Because this is 1/720 of a circle, you can also divide a circle into any number of...
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    My apprentice this summer(Moriya Fan build)

    My Father spent a lot of time with me too. He's gone now, but I always feel him guiding me along. He's a lucky young lad to have a Grandfather like you.
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    ?? Cheap rotary tables ??

    I have the cheap 3" HF model and it's OK, but if you plan to do more than just indexing for holes, I'd opt for a table with better thrust control of the worm shaft. I've done some profiling with it while cranking, but you need to partially lock the table while turning because of the poor design...
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    Stuck drill fragment -HELP!

    Somewhere else I posted a similar situation where I broke off a drill trying to remove a broken exhaust stud from my old 440cu in cylinder head. My Father was still alive then and he got it out by using a burning torch. He started by slowly heating the piece until it just started to bubble and...
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    Making a 10cc Whippet pattern

    Looks like good solid progress to me.
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    The future of the "engine kit"

    This may be a dumb suggestion since I have no Gcode experience, but in most program languages you can assign values to variables. Couldn't you substitute variables in the place of feed rate numbers? This would allow global changes to movement commands just by reassigning a new value to a...
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    Making a 10cc Whippet pattern

    Looks good to me. I'm learning. Thanks
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    Project of the Month - June 2015

    Nice job! Congratulations.
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    Drill sharpener ??

    Maybe a diamond tip holder for dressing a grinding wheel?
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    propane fuel quandary

    I don't claim to know for sure, but my guess is the .022 orifice was for vaporizing/atomizing the gasoline. The propane regulator will drop the pressure to a very low value ~11 inches of WC(water column). There are ~27.6" WC to the pound so for sure the propane will already be in vapor form. I'd...
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    Loctite and brass

    Don't have an answer for the locktite issue, but have you considered making a counterbore in the aluminum to hold the brass disc for you? Be sure to leave a center hole in the aluminum for popping out the disc when finished. Rich
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    Milling Machine for sale

    Is that a 27 Chevy in the background?
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    Boiler Level Switch

    There is a small IC chip NE555 that you can configure to sense the change on pin 5 and trigger a relay or transistor. Go to Williamson labs to study it.
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    Scaling Gears

    The scale should be as easy as "the original DP"/"the proposed scale factor for the project" thus keeping the number of teeth the same. Example... project scale 1/12th =(0.0833) original DP=10DP formula is 10/0.0833 or 10*12=120DP Hope that helps...or at least is correct. Rich