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    Searching for a really good book on TIG welding
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    1/3 Scale Ford 289 Hi-Po

    Looks like these people do 0.1875" & 0.1475 pitch roller chains, Micro Pitch Chain from KATAYAMA CHAIN | MISUMI
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    Wanted helical gear set for model engine

    A worm, which is a one tooth gear, can be any diameter.
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    Next Project

    BRM V16 1500cc supercharged race car engine, half size would be OK, its almost a model anyway!!!
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    Bristol Hercules 14 cylinder sleeve valve radial engine drawings/ plans

    Mike, can you show some photos of the parts? I would love to see them!
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    Gingery metal shaper in cast iron?

    Sorry, that is all i have. Found it in my collection of interesting machine pictures!
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    Hoglet carburetor

    Have you got a larger picture of this? sounds very good!!
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    Turning piston undersize above top ring

    I think Eric Whittle did this on his V8, but the piston ring are quite small on this engine.
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    New (old) guy

    Love it! Thanks!
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    New (old) guy

    Can you show some photos of your Rose Engine?
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    Marks Holt 75

    Please carry on, Mark, it is hugely inspirational! even my 10 year old nephew thinks it is a very cool looking engine and is keeping track!!
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    BA thread form

    a hen is the way an egg makes another egg!
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    Mini Tube bender.

    Just to get it clear... I presume you mean 0.5 & 0.25 kilo?!!!
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    Mini Tube bender.

    Having been brought up an metric, used imperial when starting work I have found that both systems have their uses and do in fact compliment each other! Here is a very interesting quote I came across a few years ago from Napoleon Bonaparte when he was imprisoned on St Helena around 1824; "The...
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    Marks Holt 75

    That radiator is wonderful with hex!! How about putting this engine on a lawnmower? I remember a pictures of a lawnmower with an Stuart Turner steam engine on it, the builder said he never had any problem getting the grandchildren to cut the grass for him! Anyone else remember that? I cannot...
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    How tight??

    The tang is NOT for driving, it is for removing the taper only!!!