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    Myford oiler - advice needed

    all my oil points on my old super 7 are raised nipples but I do have flush bearing nipples on my combination felder [wood working machine] which I struggle with, will be keen to hear a solution from members.
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    Myford oiler - advice needed

    I use a small syringe with a tube attached, that fits tightly over the nipples on the myford . This allows one to see the flow of oil into said nipples and most of the time there is no leaking . I may have to squeeze the tube onto nipple if there is a lot of pressure to open it , but works for me
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    Secondhand 48DP 14-1/2 PA gear cutters needed (UK)

    I have similar problem and need to make a 48 tooth 24 dp 14.5 deg. internal gear and an 18 and 12 tooth gear the cost of the gears from boston gear are prohibitive. Managed to find an excellent you tube video by Huub Buis, on making cutters this includes excellent spread sheet and clear...
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    Bridgeport Problems

    found a lot of options for tubing ( and different sizes as well )in model r c shops that sell for their models, as fuel lines.
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    Bridgeport Problems

    So I have had the same problem with my myford super 7 ,what a pain. My solution is a small 5 ml syringe that can generate high pressure , enough to open the oil nipple. This I attach to a hard small silicon tube that tightly fits over the nipple. The tube is attached to the syringe with a small...
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    Plan Order from Cad-modelltchnik-jung in Gemany

    So I had a similar problem. I ordered from them , plans were allegedly dispatched , but did not arrive . Emailed asked for pdf copy ,understandably, or not they were not prepared to send via e mail. At the time I thought this to be our terrible South African postal service fault. Fortunately...
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    35cc "V" Twin

    Sorry saw I spelt name wrong Ghosty .
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    35cc "V" Twin

    Dear Cogsy I have made this engine along with my mate. several problems we had and fixes and observations if you are interested were 1. the piston to cylinder fit as specified, tolerance is to tight . It seizes. So both of as had to increase the tolerances slightly. 2. the crank shaft pin...
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    Let's talk milling machines

    I dont normally post . ,but live in s.a. and a avid reader of most of the post. I especially enjoy your post Hennie as they have been very informative and relevant as we seem to share very similar interests. I went through exactly the same process as you 2 years ago. So my decision was...