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    Homemade sandblasters .

    I have one of the sand blasters that has a small container of sand that feeds by gravity into the gun, can use sand (dry), soda or grit - I have my air regulator set for 90PSI - it is a total loss system in that the sand simply blows away into the surrounding area, the idea is that you use it...
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    Lathe Headstock Alignment

    I'm with petertha on this one, my Taiwan 12x36 lathe was very turning slightly tapered - around 1.5 thou in 6 inches (0.035mm in 150mm) - to fix the issue I listened to all of the internet experts and purchased a precision level to take the 'twist' out of the bed - the level was seriously...
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    Variable speed control for a small lathe

    For those contemplating a repair on their small lath/mill motor speed controller I found a comprehensive repair document on an electronics forum and uploaded it in the downloads section, it may be helpful.
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    New 3D Printer. . . Have no clue what to do.

    I use Fusion360 hobby version - it has a built-in slicer - the process is - design the part - switch from design to additive manufacture - select the printer - output gcode - it is very similar to cnc milling, but probably a bit easier in that you don't have to worry about defining tool paths.
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    I often see posts about DC motor controller issues on mini lathes and the almost complete lack of service info on them - I came across a pdf file on the antiqueradios forum - posted by a user called ACORNVALVE, he has gone to a great deal of trouble - the document is very comprehensive and would...
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    Hodgson finished

    Really well done - sounds great - excellent achievement.
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    Grinding spindle.

    If you made the spindle to the Quorn drawings then I would say you may have used too much oil, the Quorn labyrithn seal is a simple labyrithn seal and is not intended to keep oil in but to keep grit dust out, the oil level should only be enough so the ball race dips into the oil, I feel that...
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    Lil Demon V-8

    Excellent job - well done !
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    Grinding spindle.

    If hot is good then just wondering why my Quorn grinding spindle barely gets warm even after an hour or so in use, is the design somehow lacking or poor ?
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    Advice please on case hardening camshaft

    There is a lot of good advice from seasoned engine builders here - but if you MUST harden the cam perhaps read up on Eric Whittles build of his 10cc air cooled aero V8, he hardened and tempered the cam which was made in one piece from silver steel (drill rod) - I reproduce the cam hardening...
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    Grinding spindle.

    I built the Quorn a few years back (MKI I think) and built it to the original design - it has a spring box with 6 springs - these springs provide preload to the bearings, I recall that if you push hard enough on the pulley it will move against the spring pressure, of course when grinding the...
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    12x36 Lathe Excel thread cutting spreadsheet

    I made up this Excel threading chart for my 12x36 belt drive Taiwan made lathe, this type of lathe is considered a generic Asian/Chinese/Taiwan lathe sold under many names like Grizzly G9249, Warco BH900, Jet12x36, Lantaine, Honden, Herless etc so this chart may be of use to forum members, it...
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    Books to teach 3D CAD for Apple

    Something to think about, I started with Turbocad back in the days of 486 PC's with 4 meg ram - I have a shelf full of books on Autocad, Turbocad, and Inventor - I haven't really got past the first chapter in any of them. You should have the software setup and ready to go on your computer just...
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    Upshur Twin valve timing

    Back when I was a school kid messing around with motor bikes the local motor cycle wrecker said to set the valves rocking at top dead centre (ex just closing and in just opening). this top dead centre point marks end of the exhaust stroke and beginning of inlet stroke - this has always worked...
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    Parting tool chatter

    This thread has been running for quite while and doesn't seem to want to die so I may as well put in my 2c worth. My first lathe was an Australian made copy of a Britania made around the early 1900's, while it could do good work once one was aware of the short-comings it was flexy and not very...
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    Single Phase To Three Phase Rewind - Lathe Uprate

    It certainly is do-able, I did a similar thing a few years back when I wanted to run my mill from a VFD, I had some basic info on the winding layout but not enough for a noob such as myself to confidently tackle the job, so I joined the Eng-Tips forum. The forum has a some very knowledgeable...
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    Stephenson's Rocket--Working Model

    Excellent work - and done so quickly.
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    Gear cutting

    Yes the roll back ! it is poorly worded, the tooth spacing for a 36 tooth gear is 10 deg and 1/4 of this is 2.5 deg. The pic on the left side is a reproduction of one page from Ivan Law's book the PDF copy I have is a bit fuzzy so I redrew it hoping it would make a bit more sense, the spread...
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    Gear cutting

    I think it is called the parallel tooth method and has been discussed on this forum before. Calc the blank size - setup and cut the teeth (assume the job is being done in a vertical mill) Roll the blank back and lift the cutter by the calculated amount - this will vary according to the size of...
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    Gear cutting

    Here is a pair of MOD 0.4 16T 45 deg bevel gears I made for my current IC engine project, I think MOD 0.4 is close to 64 DP. I sourced the cutters from Ebay seller was in Russia so I assume they are Russian made.