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    Strange reamer designations

    Presto are still trading, why not email them the details and see if they can tell you what the numbers mean. Their website is Just a thought.
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    Name plates made at home.

    There are some really interesting videos on YouTube showing this with the etching being done using salt water (no nasty chemicals). Worth a look. Gary.
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    I have to sell my workshop!

    Hi Martin, I have followed the advice being given and have to agree it's the way to go for selling tools. I would however suggest you take some time before doing anything. Your wife's condition is significant and will be a priority for you, but as you mention palliative care it sound to me a...
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    Hello from North Devon

    Hi, I have found a distinct lack of clubs locally. When we moved here I didn't think to see what there was in that regard. I have been building and flying model aircraft since the mid 80's. It was only after moving I found that there are no clubs anywhere near me.
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    Hello from North Devon

    Thanks B, you do remember rightly about the pulley system. I also have a variable frequency drive on mine as it has a 3 phase motor, this allows a variety of speeds, soft starting and seems to work well. I do tend to leave it set at 50hz though and make speed adjustment on the original machine...
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    Hello from North Devon

    Hi Richard, I'll see if I can upload one. They are on the lathes uk website with a lot of useful info too.
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    Hello from North Devon

    Hello, I've just landed here with the fanciful idea of one day making an engine. Currently a novice I have a Raglan Little John mk2 along with a very old admiralty Drummond. The latter is in bits after a house move and likely to be that way for a while. The Raglan is up and running but so far...