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    Bolton No.2 Mill Engine

    I hadn't seen this thread before, but I went back and read the lot. Nice work on a great engine! It's looking fantastic. It's amazing how many good workholding (and other) tips you can pick up on this forum.
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    How do I model a supercharger rotor?

    This site reckons the angle for a 6-71 is 30 degrees. I guess the 8-71 would be similar. I guess the limiting factor on the upper helix angle would be that that the back edge of the rotor has sealed against the housing before the front...
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    Help cutting thin cooling fins

    Looks great! I'll remember your trick on my next project's cooling fins Matt
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    Hi Everyone!

    Hi Everyone, I have been a long time reader of posts (almost 10 years - yikes) and member of this forum. I live in Brisbane, Australia. I joined back in 2010 after I bought a Sieg SX2 mini mill to complement the Taig lathe my brother gave me. I had bought a Bolton No.2...
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