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  1. pat_pending

    Nalon Viper 2.5cc CI Engine

    Hi All, after finishing the two Boll Aero 18s and a workshop covered in castor oil and several scars and cuts on my fingers, it's finally time to get going on my next engine. After a few recommendations I have decided to go for the Nalon Viper 2.5 using plans from the Motor Boys crew at...
  2. pat_pending

    BollAero1.8 Running Gremlins

    Hi Everyone, I have got myself stuck on my BollAero build and could really use a hand. I was wondering if there are any 2stroke compression-iginition experts out there that might be able to give me some tips. this is my second IC engine after a Webster and it seems these little puppies are less...
  3. pat_pending

    A pair of Boll Aero 18s

    Hi, after completing my first engine (Webster) and procrastinating for 6 months, I have finally taken the plunge and decided to build my next engine. After much browsing I decided I would have a go at an aero diesel this time. I remember them so well from when I was a kid (including the sliced...
  4. pat_pending

    OS FS120 or Saito copy. Bar stock glow engine.

    Hi HMEM, I wanted to run something by all you knowledgeable sorts out there. I have just completed a Webster engine and toying with the idea of having a go at designing an amateur workshop-friendly copy of the popular OS FS120 4-stroke glow engine (un-pumped)...
  5. pat_pending

    First I/C engine build - Webster

    Hi All, I have just completed my first I/C engine build. Got there in the end and runs nicely (not perfectly but good. I still need to play with carb, exhaust valve and ignition timing a bit). This is my first post on the forum too so will be a bit clunky before I figure everything out. It...
  6. pat_pending

    Hello from Hertfordshire

    Hi and thanks for having me in your forum! To introduce myself, I’m Patrick and I have a making addiction. Everything from rockets to robots, Gin to go-karts...even some electronics and Software in there too. Thanks to forums including yours, I’ve taught myself metalwork over the past...