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  1. doubletop

    Amazing demonstration of the physics of pendulum swings

    I don't need to say much else https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhMiuzyU1ag Pete
  2. doubletop

    A bit of snow on the track?

    Recent clearing of snow in Arthur's Pass NZ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6acPX_00M9Q&feature=g-all-u Pete
  3. doubletop

    Reboring Cylinders

    You may see in some of my posts reference to a Simplex I've purchased to refurbish. From what I can tell it hasn't been run for 10 years and I bought it knowing it needed some work doing. That said the boiler has been both hydraulic and steam tested and given the OK by club boiler inspectors...
  4. doubletop

    Chuck Runout

    I purchased a new lathe last year and until now haven't needed to make much use of the 4 Jaw chuck. During the week I needed to make some new main driver crank pins for the Simplex loco I'm refurbishing. Anyway, it needed the 4 jaw to ensure they were truly concentric. Running a 550 revs there...
  5. doubletop

    Amazing Skills

    OK its not model engineering or machining. This guy has just been featured on local TV, he is doing some amazing stuff http://www.kevinmccardellsculptor.com/gallery.htm Enjoy Pete
  6. doubletop

    How Steam Locomotives Really Work

    If you want and excellent book on the subject take a look at this available on Amazon. It covers the history and design of locomotives from Trevithick to the Tornado how they function from an operational perspective, and covers everything you may ever think you'd want to know on the subject...
  7. doubletop

    Northumbrian (completed Jan 2012)

    My first attempt at making a locomotive from scratch (OK I purchased castings and fittings). It was serialized in ME in 2009/10 Build log is here http://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/index.php?topic=15536.0 Pete
  8. doubletop


    I'm making my Northumbrian locomotive serialized in ME in 2009/10. I've got to the point of doing the wheels and got stuck with the limitations of my equipment. I only have a small lathe, a 1930's Lorch that has seen a bit of service over the years. Its a clockmakers lathe, although I've managed...
  9. doubletop

    Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Engineering Calculators

    I was looking out for a way of working out fits and just come across this link that may be useful to some of you. http://www.engineersedge.com/calculators.htm Pete
  10. doubletop

    Small Locomotive & Boiler (ME Northumbrian)

    Since I did my first basic boiler last year I've always fancied making a 'real' locomotive boiler. The problem is that the materials are expensive and a cock up can be painful. I then stumbled across the boiler for the Northumbrian serialised in ME in 2009...
  11. doubletop

    French Grasshopper

    A project I started in early May and thought I should share with you guys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dRLhcy99VRY The plans are available on the website here http://jpduval.free.fr/Liste%20des%20plans/Liste_dossiers_plans.html. Pete
  12. doubletop

    Yet another X3 DRO conversion

    I’ve finally made the leap and retrofitted DRO’s to my X3. I went for Sino, off Ebay. The vendor (Xiao1207) is in Singapore but the parts came direct from the factory in China via Hong Kong. Once the order was placed communication was good and we had a bit of dialogue on which scales...
  13. doubletop

    Boiler Safety

    Maybe not our model boilers but this makes the point that a boiler is an energy storage device and if all the energy is let go at once the results can be serious. It also demonstrates that the flat sections, in this case the end plates, are the most susceptible to failure, requiring stays and...
  14. doubletop

    Turning in the Mill

    I wanted to make a set of rollers to test my loco on, much like Zee did for his "Small British Loco". These rollers just needed a groove turning in them for the wheel flanges. This would normally be done in the lathe with a parting tool. The trouble is my little Lorch just can't take parting...
  15. doubletop

    LPG/propane/butane Gas jet sizes

    Tonight I've been researching a new burner for my Rob Roy based on an article "Gas Firing for William" C H Hopkins (Oz) in Model Engineer 18 July 1986 and "Propane Burner" Lindsay McDonnell Modeltec Magazine June 1989. These articles were the basis of successful burners being used on model locos...
  16. doubletop

    Ceramic Gas burners on Locos

    I'm using a commercial ceramic gas burner on my Rob Roy loco for the first time and I am having trouble getting anything like a good steam pressure. http://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/index.php?topic=9516.0 I've worked out to start with a low flame to get things heated up before slowly...
  17. doubletop

    Flash Steam or Monotube boilers

    There's been a number of references to this subject on my "Scotch Boiler" topic. It needs a topic of its own. As a start here's Bob Kirtlys 100mph plus steam driven hydroplane. Apparently he has/(had) the record at 120mph!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=srq_pC4v5wo
  18. doubletop

    Spindle removal for late models of the X3 Mill

    ArcEurotrade do an excellent guide for preparing the X3 http://www.arceurotrade.co.uk/projects/prepguides/X3%20Mill%20Preparation%20Guide.pdf However there are a few more steps required if you want to remove the spindle of the later models I've put this together on the download page in the...
  19. doubletop

    Getting copper clean

    I'm using a citric acid pickle bath but I have realized that to speed up the the cleaning process anneal the pieces first. Not because they need annealing but they get cleaner way quicker. Today I was busy cleaning off the engineers blue from the end plates I am making and after a few minutes...
  20. doubletop

    Scotch Type Marine Boiler

    It's time for another boiler now that my last engine is finished. http://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/index.php?topic=9412.0 Its a marine engine so needs a marine boiler. I've done a vertical boiler so this next one has to be horizontal. I've recently been reading K N Harris "Model Boilers...