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    South Cheshire ME Society Events for 2018

    Hi It will be our clubs 50th Anniversary this year, and this is the events we will be holding. Stew

    Not Visiting Her any More

    Hi Guys First time I've posted her since it went commercial. The only reason I'm her now is that I had a PM for a copy of my drawings, and found that I had quite a few PM's that I had not responded to, requesting drawings that for some reason or other I had not received a notification for. So...

    Potty Vertical Cross Single

    Just completed this model of a Vertical Cross Single Struggled a bit with the wooden base, when it comes to woodwork I'm no Chippendale And her's the video <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/9pSGzl8Qt18" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>...

    Potty Lads and Dads Mill Engine

    Thought I'd post the finished pics her All painted and polished and the link to the build thread http://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/f31/potty-lads-dads-mill-engine-20650/ Stew

    Potty Lads and Dads Mill Engine

    I have an old works friend who's just getting started in Model Engineering along with his 11 year old son who's his showing a great interest in engines with a developing tallent for 3D CAD. Chatting to them got me thinking about an engine that could be built in a relative short time with limited...

    Simple horizontal Mill Engine

    I've drawn up a simple mill engine that can be made without the use of a mill, I've attached the plans so have fun Stew

    Ramsbottom Intermedial Steam Engine

    Whilst serfing the net came across a free down load of a book called Steam and the Steam Engine printed in 1873, I like to check these old books for any unusual engines and came across a reference to a Ramsbottom Intermedial Engine this is all the book said about it The only other reference is...

    Dake Square Piston Engine

    Few months ago completed a Dake square piston engine. And a few videos http://youtu.be/I_QJA6c1pPg http://youtu.be/p7Ta4IlA0XQ Stew

    Dot and Stews African Adventure

    Hi Guys Just got back from a visit to Tanzanie, had a great time and the wild life we saw on safarie was spectacular. So her are a few pics. We started off the holiday by walking to the base camp for mount Kilimanjaro at 3100M its over 5000M to the top but we thought base camp was enough for...

    Finishing off a 5" Gauge Supper Simplex Loco

    I decided some time ago that the Mabel loco I'm building would not suite my needs so thats bin put under the bench to be finished off some other time. I started to look arround for a completed or a nearly running 5" loco to buy, and came across this one. Its a Supper Simplex to Nigel Evans...

    A new addition to the family

    Our daughter gave birth to our third grandchild on Friday a little boy Matthew James, both mum and baby are doing well. A happy grandad and grandmother :big: :big: :big: :big: :big: :big: :big: :big: :big: :big: Stew and Dot

    Completed Simpson and Shipton

    Well got it finished ;D ;D ;D ;D Her's a few Glamour shots and the Vid of it running And the vid http://youtu.be/kxpAIlInObk Enjoy Stew

    Sweet Pea Boiler Info

    Following my successful fishing trip for Simplex Loco Info. I have another long term desire for a project that may involve making a Sweet Pea Boiler so the question is has any one got a drawing or the book on building the Sweet Pea that i could buy or trade. Thanks Stew

    Example of 3D Printing

    A ex work friend bought himself a 3D printer and asked me if I had anything that would be suitable that he could use that showed the off the printers capability to produce molding paterns, well i didn't so I contacted Rob Willson and he kindly provided a 3D drawing of a cylinder patern. This is...

    Improved Run Simpson and Shipton Engine

    Well:- I thinks I've got this sorted now. I made a new piston from cast Iron, I also re sculptured the base to gain better access. I can now get it ticking over at 5psi and and full pressure of 60 psi it does 850 rpm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmSIJhs8Vgo&feature=youtu.be Stew

    Stew's Little Orphan

    Got myself a little project Its a 5" Gauge 0-6-0 Tank Engine to the Simplex design of Nigel Evans. The engine is about 90% complete it was built by a Guy who due to age and Ill health couldn't complete it. Work remaining is the:- plumbing, boiler feed pump, injector, lubricator, bunker...

    Simplex 0-6-0 Tank information wanted

    Has any one got a copy of Martin Evans' book building the Simplex 0-6-0 Tank or copies of the Model Engineer volume 133 to 134 and Volumes 162 to 163 that covered the build, or a set of drawings that they would like to sell. Thanks Stew

    Simpson and Shipton Running (just)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KZoRF8AhRU I think I may have run up against the limitation of the design it will only run for a few seconds with my small compressor before it runs out of wind. After all they only ever made two of them i guess thats why. Stew Edited link - Arnold

    Rolling Mill

    As any one got any information on Rolling Mills:- book title, photo, etching, etc, I've got an idea bubbling in my head, most of it sorted but still need some details. Stew

    Northern Model Engineering Exhibition

    Any one going to the Northern Model Engineering Exhibition on the 2nd to 4th March at the Traford centre Manchester (Event city) http://www.meridienneexhibitions.co.uk/our-events-detail.php?id=0000000015 I'll be there on the Sunday the 4th. I couple of my engines will be on show (over crank...