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  1. GordTopps

    read messages

    How does one mark a message as read as in the previous incarnation of this site? Thanks Gordon
  2. GordTopps

    Show unread posts does not work

    Whenever I restart my pc and log into HMEM and select "Show unread posts since last visit." it says no unread posts when I know there are! Any one with any insights on this? BTW the same settings on the madmodder site works okay. Thanks Gordy
  3. GordTopps

    Speed for Indexible End Mill

    I have just taken delivery of this Indexible End Mill I would like to know what is the best speed (rpm) for using this on Mild Steel. I have read so much about carbide cutters, they need fast speeds etc. I certainly don't want to break a cutter on the first use by using incorrect speed...
  4. GordTopps

    Bandsaw or Power Hacksaw

    I have been considering the purchase of a bandsaw for a while now. Came across this : http://www.arceurotrade.co.uk/Catalogue/Machines-Accessories/Saws/G1-Power-Hacksaw What do you think? Is it worth paying a bit extra and getting a bandsaw? I do not anticipate much more than cutting stock...
  5. GordTopps

    Show unread posts since last visit.

    The "Show unread posts since last visit." does not seem to work. Every time I visit the site and I select the above option it shows as no new topics, when I know for a fact there are. Thanks Gordy
  6. GordTopps

    Treadmill Motors

    What are Treadmill motors? Is Treadmill the name of a motor or a type of motor i've never heard of? Seen lots of posts referring to Treadmill motors, but never understood what they are. Thanks in advance Gordy
  7. GordTopps

    Business Card

    I am making a business card up to advertise my machining hobby. I will be visiting car/scooter mechanics offering a service to make new parts currently unavailable or awaiting long delivery times etc. (you know the kind of things I mean). I plan to offer a service to machine/design prototype...
  8. GordTopps

    What is it?

    Anyone any idea what this is? I inherited it from my dad many years ago, guess I take after him inasmuch as I collect things (hate to throw anything away lol) I think its some kind of early tachometer. The end is a three sided taper, looks as though its meant to fit into a shallow centre...
  9. GordTopps

    Wrong vice choice?

    It looks like I made a bad decision in my choice of vice. Only found this out when I tried to use my thin parallels with this vice. My parallels are 1/8" x aaa" x 6" Hope this pic shows what I mean. The parallel will not fit on the bedways next to the fixed jaw, there is about a 1/4" gap. It...
  10. GordTopps

    Hi from Sunny Spain

    Just wanted to say hi to you all. I am English, retired for the last 9 years from the Merchant Navy, been living in Spain for about 28 yrs. (on and off). Decided now to devote some time to my hobby of model making. Just awaiting delivery of a SX3 milling machine from Arc Euro Trade, still trying...