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  1. joerom

    Metal stock for sale

    I am in PA 17005..Is anyone close enough to me to buy some metal stock I have left from liquidating all my stuff..Cast iron bar, steel ,some brass ,aluminum bar, etc...Also I have a Dumore tool post grinder for 10 to 15" lathe? and a Phase 2 rotary 8" table, and a 24" Di Acro box and pan...
  2. joerom

    castings for sale - All SOLD

    I have been asked in a PM what else am I selling besides the BR2, so I am posting it here also in case I get more questions..... Gipsy Major, Gipsy Minor, Aveling DX Petrol Roller, Holt engine, Wall 30cc Mite, Aeronca, Gnome Crankcase casting and drawings, Anzani, Stuart Petrol Light Weight...
  3. joerom

    Bentley BR2

    I am going to start selling off all my projects castings and machinery..I will no longer be doing any metal working..Does anyone want to make an offer on my BR2 that is posted in the forum here..I just do not know what to ask for it...….
  4. joerom

    Coles Power Models Mite castings

    This is a set of castings and drawings for the Mighty Mite 4 cylinder engine...I would like $615.00 which includes shipping in the USA..I also have my Gipsy Major castings for sale here in another listing.....
  5. joerom

    Wanted : 3 cylinder Fairbanks Morse castings

    I had asked this once before, but does anyone have the castings for the 3 cylinder Fairbanks Morse engine that was available many years ago..I would also consider part built....Thanks
  6. joerom

    Gipsy Major engine castings

    I have decided that the next set of castings to go will be the Gipsy Major...You can see it here under "Engines from Castings", and there are pictures there..I am asking $700.00 which includes shipping in the USA only..That is much less than I paid to get them....
  7. joerom

    Coles Holt and Wizard castings and drawings for sale

    I am selling my Holt and Wizard castings..They are both complete with drawings..I am looking for $700.00 for the Holt which includes shipping in the USA only..I am looking for $575.00 for the Wizard which includes shipping in the USA only...
  8. joerom

    Black Widow Blown V8 -----Mistake in price

    I made a mistake when I posted this and did not realize it until now..It is not 1850.00, it is 1650.00 which includes shipping USA....... With turning 74 I am realizing that I just do not have the ambition anymore like I once had..My mind says yes but my body says no..I still get excited reading...
  9. joerom

    Black Widow V8

    I recently got a set of Black Widow V8 castings, and was wondering if anyone on here ever made one..I looked fairly far back and did not find anything..There is not a lot of info on it, other than by the original builder.....
  10. joerom

    Wallace and Steevens Road Roller Castings

    I have what I believe to be a full set of castings minus the rolls I am going to sell..This thing is in 4 1/2 scale and will be 52" long and would weigh 500 pounds when done...I do have rolled rear rings to make your own rolls and you can get discs on ebay to make them...The problem with this is...
  11. joerom

    Coles Challenger V8 Castings

    Anyone have a set of Challenger Castings for sale....
  12. joerom

    New CNC MIll Conversion

    I had this for a while, and I am finally getting around to do it..I was hoping to possibly use it on my BR2 or Gipsy Major that I started working on..It is a new Grizzly Go704 that I am converting to make a 5 axis machine..I had a 5 axis router and thought it would be a lot nicer to have a 5...
  13. joerom

    Gipsy Major 4 Cylinder Engine in 1/3 scale

    I went down to work on my Bentley BR2, but discovered I need more supplies to continue along..So I thought this may be a good time to start another project, and keep the interest up..I have the casting set for the Gipsy Major in 1/3 scale and have been wanting to give that a go.. So now I...
  14. joerom

    Bentley BR2 ...Pennsylvania

    I have decided to sell my extra part built BR2..If serious, pm me, I have a lot more pics..
  15. joerom

    Conley engine casting set

    Hello everyone, I thought I would share my incredible find here..It is a complete Conley V8 casting set with the finished cam lobes, piston rings, pump, distributor cap, belts and pulleys and materials and drawings and instructions.. I had one of these quite a few years back and ended up...
  16. joerom

    Bentley BR2

    Hello to all, I was away from this hobby for quite a while..I am 73 now and decided I needed to play again..I came across a partly built Bentley BR2, well actually 2 of them..They were being made in 1/3 scale..It appeared that there was quite a bit of work already done, and it looked pretty...
  17. joerom

    Wanted coles V8 and Holt castings

    Anyone have Castings for the Coles Challenger or the Holt Caterpillar...thanks
  18. joerom

    Looking for Fairbanks Morse 3 cylinder castings

    Does anyone have a set of Fairbanks Morse 3 Cylinder castings that were available years ago from I think Bromps…..
  19. joerom

    Conley V8 castings

    Hello,I am new here but have been making engines for a very long time..Being that this is "engines from Castings",I thought I would share a set of rare castings I acquired..It is the complete casting set fro a Conley V8 put out in the 80S..This set has all the materials and and parts to make the...