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    ??? Making Setups

    I believe that the ability to make a setup that allow you to make a cut on the piece you are working on is what separates the master from the apprentice. Each piece that we make is a bit different from the next so being able to setup and fixture becomes the big variable that we have to figure...
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    o;d thread
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    Have you ever seen one of these?

    What do you intend to use as a prime mover, gas, diesel, natural gas, or electricity? It sounds to me like you need a rotary phase converter or a couple of VFD's. How many and what horsepower are these machines? lg no neat sig line
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    Can this be repaired?

    I was thinking the same thing. Or you could deepen the existing keyway and make a custom key. I would also consider putting a metal ring around the outside of the shoulder to keep the hub from splitting at the keyway(s) lg no neat sig line
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    Centering a cast flywheel

    On a spoked wheel I want the ID of the rim the be concentric with the OD of the rim. That means that I set up the wheel in the 4-jaw so the ID is running concentric with the center of rotation. Usually the OD of the rim is machined so it comes out concentric with the id of the rim. Usually...
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    Do a parts of engine that takes longer than a day !

    Being a Hobby site this brings in some other factors. Most likely no one is going to demand you give up the machine for other jobs other than yourself. For me a day in the shop may be only a couple of hours, not 8-10 hours producing for he company. As a beginner one may not have confidence in...
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    Do a parts of engine that takes longer than a day !

    The setup stays until the job is done, if at all possible. The tools and bits set out for the job stay on the bench till the job is done. One of the story's in the Machinist Bedside Reader tell of an old guy who would study the print and while studying would set out the proper cutters, drill...
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    Oliver Evans The Columbian Steam Engine

    Absolutely superb. lg no neat sig l;ine
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    Digital Pressure Gauge

    Have you searched the Honeywell catalog? https://sensing.honeywell.com/test-measurement-products/test-and-measurement-pressure-transducers The link has some educational information attached to it. lg no neat sig line
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    Mixed gasoline and oil

    Are you using regular gas or alcohol free gas? Are you running it in something special or just lawncare equipment? Me I use NA gas and will keep it ~6 months for use in the chainsaws. After 6 months I pour it in the pickup and get a fresh batch. If using alcohol gas then 4to6 weeks for...
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    What's This Called

    I have no idea of the name but it is neat and would make Rube Goldberg proud. lg no neat sig line
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    Lanz tractor

    I am so enjoying this build. When I dream of making models I can't even dream of stuff as nice as your doing. lg no neat sig line
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    Project of the month

    I kinda identify with the above. I have a build languishing in the castings forum. I'm getting little feedback and a lot of the pictures have had no looks at them. For me it is hard to put these build posts together and for what? That said the engine I'm building is running now and I just...
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    Bolton No.2 Mill Engine

    I'm following this. Your doing a great job. A bit more detail on your lap would be appreciated as I have to do some lapping on the valve bore of my PM#4 documented in the castings builds. lg no neat sig line
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    10 x 22 lathe cross slide dovetails not parallel(?)

    This was my thought also. Not to say the dovetails aren't the problem but it could be the lead screw centerline is not in the center of the dovetails or the nut is off center so that when the slide approaches the bearing end of the leadscrew the side forces from the misalignment get greater...
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    Not what was intended

    In my build thread I relate that I was boring out some bearing blocks to 5/8". All set up carefully and measuring, adjusting the boring bar for successive passes. All goes great and I hit my number perfectly, .652"....:( lg no neat sig line
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    pre drilling for holes

    As said above on a HZ mill the knee has to be used if one wants to drill with the vertical head on. On my HZ mill I have power feed on all three axis so powering up to drill is not a problem. I also have an old index #40 mill with only a hand wheel on the quill, no quick handle. There is a...
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    Root & Vandervoot Model Broke

    http://www.oldengine.org/members/plowe/rv-engines/feature_rockwell_engines.htm Have you contacted Randy Rockwell? He was once selling R&V casting kits. lg no neat sig line
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    New Shop layout - advice sought

    When I built my shop I was thinking clean and dirty areas. The clean area is where the mills, lathes, drill presses and such go. The dirty area is for welding, grinding, painting and vehicle repair. In this thinking I also thought heated and unheated areas. The clean area is ~4000mm x 9000m...
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    Questing about a flywheel casting issue.

    I think I'd be inclined to reverse the flywheel in the chuck and face the other side to see if the 'plug' goes all the way through. It does look way to round to be a casting flaw. lg no neat sig line