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  1. rodw

    Some people build Models, others build CNC PLASMA machines

    This thread might take a fair while to develop. Its been 12 months in the making already. My Arduino Rotary table controller project got me interested in CNC but I did not want to do the obvious and convert my mill to CNC. I eventually got interested in CNC plasma cutting and I started about 12...
  2. rodw

    Interrupt Driven Rotary Table controller

    You can read the thread where this is documented form go to woe during the development here: http://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/showthread.php?p=273830#post273830 if you need more help but this thread is designed to provide a simple easy to install solution of version 10 of my Rotary Table...
  3. rodw

    Online Gear Calculator

    I thought I'd share a link to a handy gear calculator on a client's website that lets you calculate module and DP for an unknown gear. Sorry but you need to measure the OD in milimetres (25.4mm per inch) http://www.gearconcern.com.au/gear-size-calculator/ Enjoy!
  4. rodw

    Tips for Arduno software for Rotary Table Controllers

    EDIT: Latest Sketch (V9) is on post #155: http://www.homemodelenginemachinist.com/showpost.php?p=262782&postcount=155 This is a substantial upgrade that supports ramping stepper speeds up and down and also saves defaults in the EEPROM so you don't have to recompile it if you change your...
  5. rodw

    Compound Angle setter

    I was watching Tom Liptons videos on how to cut a taper and saw how he used a sine bar to set the compound angle. https://www.youtube.com/user/oxtoolco I had a go at it but found it pretty hard to indicate the compound into position. after a bit more research, I saw another quick idea...
  6. rodw

    Collet Block Pin Wrench

    Guys, Recently, I have found I am using my collet block more and more. I have always had trouble with the collars used to tighten the collets that came with the collet block set. Yesterday I decided to do something about it! This is what I came up with: This has been machined...
  7. rodw

    Boring head Ball/Radius turner

    There seems to be heaps of threads on ball turners on the forum but not much said about using a boring head to do this. So here is one set up to fit on a BXA tool post. When I bought my boring head, I bought an additional straight shank mounting flange for it. It had a 20mm diameter...
  8. rodw

    Which drill bits should an Aussie buy?

    I have a set of fractional drill bits on my wish list. These usually come in two sets, up to 6mm and from 6-10mm in 0.1mm increments. I was at my bolt shop today and I asked them how much the Sutton sets cost and they gave me a quote that was affordable to mere mortals like me. The only...
  9. rodw

    Compressor Refurb

    Well, I have been meaning to buy a belt driven compressor for a while and I spied this one on Grays Online Auctions recently and because it was not far from home to pick up, I thought I would take a punt on it sight unseen based on this photo that was in the listing Pilot is a very good...
  10. rodw

    Its a start - Another EZ engine

    Well, I finally have it finished. A big thanks to the guys on the forum here who put together the EZ engine and the build instructions. These plans are the reason why I joined this forum in the first place as I stumbled on the plans googling "Metric Steam engine plans" way back in November...
  11. rodw

    Yet another QCTP thread (BXA on AL320G)

    You guys must get sick of seeing these sort of posts, but here is another one! Hare & Forbes wanted AUD $500 for a QCTP (I think it is a Dickson Style). The salesman reckons no one bothers to buy it as it is a major job to fit it to the AL320G that has a tool post like this: I had seen...
  12. rodw

    Hole size for reaming?

    Hi guys, I am fitting a BXA toolpost to my new lathe and tomorrow's job is to drill and ream a 12mm hole about 40mm deep in the centre of the 16mm bolt I bought today. I've already drilled an 8.5mm hole right through the piece (as an 10 thread is required as well) and have a set of unused...
  13. rodw

    My First Milling Project - Carriage stop

    Well some of you may have seen on some other threads last weekend, I took delivery of a new Hafco AL320G lathe and a Seig SX3 mill from Hare and Forbes and sold my old lathe/mill on eBay during the week (which paid for half the mill) Anyway, while I was waiting for some colletts and tooling...
  14. rodw

    Rod's Aussie Shed

    Hi guys I thought I better post up a picture of my shop. well we don't call it a shop in Australia, It has to be a shed. Mine is tiny weighing in at 2.4m x 4.8m. For those who still work in feet, I will leave it to you to multiply those numbers x 3.28 to work it out in feet! It is a bit of a...
  15. rodw

    RPM for countersinking in mild steel

    Hi guys, I just wondered if you can help me out here? It is a simple question, so please bear with me, I have a part I make It is pretty simple really. It is 100 mm x 32mm x 8mm mild steel. It has two holes. One is tapped to M8 and the other is countersunk for an M8 machine screw. I started...