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  1. a41capt

    Upscaled Elmer's #5 as an IC?

    I love the gear driven action of Elmer's #5, but I wonder if it could be scaled up and/or redesigned as an IC model instead? Lots of movement, interesting mechanicals, potentially a hit and miss? Twin flywheels, ball Governor, anything else to overly complicate an already difficult build? Just...
  2. a41capt

    My First Engine Completed

    Well, I guess I posted my original article in the wrong area, so I’m sorry if this is considered a repost, but after all, I am a newbie! I promised a Stirling engine to my 7 year old grandson so he could take it to school and share with his classmates. He’s very interested in the principles...
  3. a41capt

    You've got to see this!

    I was perusing fleabay and this caught my eye. More pics here...