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  1. rklopp

    Hello from Brazil!

    Welcome! I home you are far from the flooding in the south.
  2. rklopp

    Ron Chernich statement about Morton M-5 gear case??

    ±19° would be closer to having intake/exhaust overlap, which might be an improvement. I'll have to dig out the MEB plan set (which I have) and see what's up with those as compared to the Morton plans. I was going to index the gear case from the top, so my tappets would have ended up symmetrical...
  3. rklopp

    Ron Chernich statement about Morton M-5 gear case??

    Ron said the following []: That does not seem to make sense in light of the drawing: The Morton M-5's five cylinders are at 72° intervals with the #1 cylinder at top dead center. It seems to me that the drawing shows that the 10 tappet guide...
  4. rklopp

    Colchester Chipmaster

    SF Bay Area California.
  5. rklopp

    Colchester Chipmaster

    Mechanical engineering.
  6. rklopp

    Colchester Chipmaster

    I have a Chippie with the original drive. It's a bit worn but having a DRO means it can still turn out accurate work. It is inherently noisy due to the toothed belts in the drivetrain. I run mine from a VFD to convert single to three phase. I am on 60-Hz power but I mostly leave the VFD...
  7. rklopp

    Brown and Sharp 2G screw machine ?

    A screw machine is not very efficient to set up and run unless you’re making thousands of identical parts.
  8. rklopp

    Top and rear view of Cat Sixty model

    That is very impressive work. How much does it weigh? Looks heavy and will be heavier once the engine installed.
  9. rklopp

    My riff on the Upshur Twin

    I'm not looking for simplicity or the quick and easy solution. I think what I did was more elegant and was an interesting challenge regardless.
  10. rklopp

    My riff on the Upshur Twin

    Cylinders were initially fixed to the crankcase via screws through a flange at the bottom. The cylinder heads were attached to the cooling fins shrunk onto the cast iron cylinders. This arrangement didn't work, because the aluminum cooling fins would lose their shrink fit on the iron as the...
  11. rklopp

    Upshur's opposed twin engine

    Here's a thread about my riffs on the Upshur twin design. I used Hall effect triggering and RCEXL twin ignition modules.
  12. rklopp

    Anzani Fan Type 1/4 scale model

    Wow, what a wonderful contribution, Rich. I look forward to the build and cylinder head update. Alas, I have been living out of a suitcase for most of Q1 2024, with near zero shop time.
  13. rklopp

    1/3 Scale Ford 289 Hi-Po

    I've turned IC engine valves from 17-4 PH (precipitation hardening) stainless steel in "Condition A." I think Condition A is the way suppliers like McMaster Carr offer it. After turning and polishing, I heat it to 900°F in air and then air cool, yielding hardness around 40 HRC. The material is...
  14. rklopp

    Questions Regarding Jerry Howell Powerhouse 4 Cycle Build

    17-4 condition A or 303 are fine. 17-4 Condition A machines almost as easily as 303 and nowhere near as difficult as 304 or 316. You can heat treat the 17-4 at 900 F to harden without distortion after machining and polishing. Go to this link...
  15. rklopp

    Machining aluminum crankcases for model airplane engines questions

    Use a new, name brand #4 screw machine length drill bit with 135 degree split point and follow with a 7/32 reamer, and it should come out just fine as long as your chuck has low runout (<.002?) and you can achieve a right angle with the cylinder centerline. That’s how I’ve done it many times over.
  16. rklopp

    Gordon Nano 0.1cc build by OMK

    On the cylinder, the transfer ports should be centered on the posts between the exhaust ports. Are you asking about whether the threads need to be "timed" with the crankcase? I don't think it matters whether the cylinder transfer ports line up with the crankcase transfer passages due to the...
  17. rklopp

    Bore Gauge

    Thanks, Rich. I always forget that technique. Somewhere I've heard of adjustable parallels with cylindrical faces, but I don't think I've ever seen them for sale.
  18. rklopp

    Bore Gauge

    Practice practice practice. Otherwise, most bore gauges for that range of sizes need setting rings if you want to know true size. You can set them to a micrometer, but that puts you back to feel and careful technique to find the "high spot" by wiggling the gauge back and forth.
  19. rklopp

    Trembler Coils--(Constant spark)

    Look up the Jerry Howell Buzz Coil circuit. I've used that circuit on a couple of hit and miss engines with success.
  20. rklopp

    I'm new here.

    Sherline ways and structural parts are made of anodized aluminum.