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    Upshur Vertical(s)

    A very experienced model builder friend of mine told me his secret for his valves to seal. He made bores for the valve stems loose so they could wiggle around and seal easier. It works for me. Some may think this is blasphemous. Good luck Mike
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    Upshur's opposed twin engine

    Brian, I would suggest you drill and tap oversize and make your own threaded insert and loctite it in. Then you could use steel material for the insert. I have made this repair on my projects lots of times. You can also put a grub screw in the outer thread to secure it in place. Good luck. I...
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    Cast Dog bowl use 356 aluminum for sale.

    Dave, That would be very generous. Let me know how you would like me to send the money for shipping. [email protected] Thank you Mike Nay
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    Cast Dog bowl use 356 aluminum for sale.

    Dave, Is that for one set? How many letters are included? thanks Mike
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    Cast Dog bowl use 356 aluminum for sale.

    Dave (Smithdoor) I saw that you mentioned foundry letters. Are you interested in selling them? If not, sorry to butt in your thread. Mike
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    free to a good home. Modeltec, Live Steam Magazines

    If you can let me know the cost of shipping for the modeltec magazines and would send you the money for shipping. PM me [email protected]
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    free to a good home. Modeltec, Live Steam Magazines

    I would be interested in the modeltec magazines.
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    Bob Shores Model Engine Ignition Book

    Bob Shores was a great supporter of the hobby. Many years ago I saw an advertisement for his book in Live Steam magazine. I called him and asked how to get a copy. He told me that he would send me a copy and if I liked it, to send him a check. He said most people in this hobby were people...
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    Bore Gauge

    I was taught this method for using telescoping gauges by my first German Immigrant foreman. People try to put the gauge in and then tighten and pull it out. I was taught to wiggle it back and forth in the bore so it can find center, then slightly tighten the gauge and then roll it through...
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    Compressed air safety

    I am retired now, but have worked in several machine/repair shops in my 50 year career. All of those shops had various sizes of compressors that ran and stayed pressurized to over 100 psi 24 hrs per day 7 days per week. Most had some form of automatic drain valves and they all have pressure...
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    CNC Mach 3 Parallel port replacement

    Just to try them out, I used the trial version of Mach 3 and cambam. The lines of g code were limited but to cut simple shapes on a mill it worked great. Eventually I purchased the full version of Mach 3 and it has worked perfectly for me for a few years. When my XP computer died it was easy...
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    Thompson Engine

    Michael, thanks for putting up this build log. It gives me some good ideas on set ups when I start mine. Mike
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    What have you been doing today?

    I just recieved a set of castings for the Thompson Engine. Are you doing a build log on it somewhere? thanks, Mike
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    Upshur Vertical gas pumping engine.

    I got some help from one of the RReid on the Model Engine Maker site. For those interested find the info here. Hello mnay. The plans you are looking for are included as part of the "Red Farm Engine" plans on the Upshur site. The description on the site, such as it is, doesn't mention it, but...
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    Upshur Vertical gas pumping engine.

    I am looking for the plans for the Upshur Vertical gas pumping engine featured in Modeltech March 1999 and April 1999. Anyone know if these are still available? I did not see that particular engine on the Upshur site. It is different from the Upshur vertical single. It iis an open frame and...
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    Wanted: Cole’s Hit & Miss Power Model Prints

    I can't remember if I responded to you. Do you still need the Cole's drawings?
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    Home Made Accessories for Model, Toy Steam & Internal Combustion Engines & also Modifications

    Jim, Thanks for taking the time to post those ideas. I saw some things I would like to try.
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    Time for a new Horizontal Hit and Miss engine

    Brian, Just something to try. The late Bob Shores suggested Coleman Fuel with 10% WD-40 mixed in. Burns very clean and also keeps the cylinder lubricated. I have run my Hit and Miss on it and have not had to use any other lubrication.
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    The Moriya Story -- short form !

    Jim, Thanks for the offer of the material. I have a couple of projects ahead of it. Maybe some building right away could use it. Mike