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    Don't be put off trying your hand at welding. I have been welding all my career and I'm retired now. Compared to stick welding the small home MIG welders are quite easy to use. I have seen apprentices that have produced quite acceptable welds within a few days with the right tuition. Try to find...
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    I run my hoglet on methanol, which is more compatible with the silicon hoses. It doesn't mix with conventional two stroke oil but is OK with Castrol R which is castor oil based. 50 to 1 is plenty strong enough.
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    Electric Starter System for Model Engines

    A website that I looked at (can't remember which) sold a jockey wheel and spring to keep the tension correct on the non drive side of the toothed belt.
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    Midlands model exhibition

    Hi Mike, I would be pleased if you could email me the details of your powder coating presentation. Thank you in advance. Terry [email protected]
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    J & E Junior Hit & Miss Engine

    Hi, I am considering building the J&M Junior engine and was very interested to see the drawings you have made. It's been a long time, did you get any further and did you in fact build the engine. Any information you could help me with would be gratefully received. Regards Terry