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    Engine Coolant and Storage After Shows

    I'm late to this discussion but some years ago, I used a central heating corrosion inhibitor in the hopper of my Scott vacuum engine. The inhibitor was mixed with soft water and left in the hopper. The hopper is bronze and the cylinder is cast iron. This water treatment is not recommended...
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    Searching for milling machine

    I have a Wabeco F1410 milling machine. Living in Ireland, I could not go down to a local machine stockist and have a look at various machines, so bought mine unseen thinking that German quality was worth the premium. Now, 8 years later, I have to say I would not be of the same mind. Seig...
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    Rider Ericson Hot air engine

    I've constructed the Polly Robinson engine. The iron castings are not the best quality, particularly the cylinder. The flywheel is not much better, either. There is a partial build log on here - Robinson Patent hot air engine - (the early parts have been lost from the archives). Dave The...
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    Inexpensive (cheap) Surface Plate

    My surface plate is the platen from a discarded photocopier. This sits on a plywood base lined with baize. I have a second one that I use for laying abrasive paper on when I'm trying to remove machining marks. Dave The Emerald Isle
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    Wanted Casting Kits

    Anthony Mount designs as supplied by Polly Models may be OK, but I had a terrible time with their Robinson hot air engine. Two flywheels and three cylinder castings had to be replaced. The last cylinder casting still needed a lot of JB Weld application to make it useable. Dave The Emerald Isle
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    John Tom Site

    I've just tried and I get the same message. I waited a couple of days before trying so there seems to be a major problem with the site. Dave The Emerald Isle
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    Myford S7 Half Nut

    Thanks for that, Charles. I'm going tomorrow and hoped to get a couple of drills sharpened. Dave The Emerald Isle
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    Myford S7 Half Nut

    Was Noel Shelley there grinding drills, by any chance? Dave The Emerald Isle
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    Poor mans slotting head

    Any chance of showing us a few pics of your home made broaches, please? Dave The Emerald Isle
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    1/4 scale International M

    Don't know whether Wismer Machine Co (Sellersville, PA) are still in business, but they did a castings kit for a 1/2 scale model of the International M. Back in 2009 the kit sold for $600. The original design was from Bruce Moyer. Just looked and they are still in business. The models were a...
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    MQL system (compare to fog buster)

    I have tried to search for John Bogs' write up on here so the two designs can be compared, but the 'Bogstandard' name is not recognised. Dave The Emerald Isle
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    MQL system (compare to fog buster)

    Not in any way trying to take away your efforts, but it looks similar in concept to John Bogs' original idea. There are 39 pics of JB's design. He only ever made rough sketches of his designs but they were good enough to follow. If anyone wants copies of the other pics, I can forward them...
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    Chinese ignition module

    After testing the ignition module again and finding it still didn't work, I cut off the sensor and put a test meter across the two wires. It was open circuit until a magnet was passed close to the sensor, then the meter showed 0 ohms. With a small hacksaw, I cut into the sensor housing and...
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    Fuel check valve

    After hitting the steel ball did you replace it, or use the same ball in the valve? Perhaps the ball has been damaged sufficiently to prevent a perfect seal. Have you thought of using a Viton ball? The rubbery material will slightly deform and should make a good (better?) seal. Viton balls are...
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    Forums vs Facebook groups

    There are several former groups that I belonged to that have gone FaceBook only. I don't use FaceBook or any other similar communication so have lost contact. I hope this forum keeps going in its present form. Dave The Emerald Isle
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    SS Great Britian, 1843, 322feet, 1,000 HP steam with sail assist

    That was quite a common approach in Merchant vessels up until about 1950. I sailed on two vessels built in 1947 (s.s. Urlana and s.s. Purnea) that had a triple expansion engine and a low pressure turbine coupled to the (single) main shaft. It was a way of increasing the efficiency of the steam...
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    Chinese ignition module

    That looks like the one fitted. Good find on that, so many thanks. It's worth paying the small cost to see if that was the problem. Dave The Emerald Isle
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    Chinese ignition module

    Ah, Steve. I should have guessed that Google would be my friend! Dave The Emerald Isle
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    Chinese ignition module

    I have one of the Chinese ignition modules that was working fine until the earth wire became detached. Reading various places about these modules failing, it is probably the Hall sensor that has fried. I'm considering getting a replacement Hall sensor to try, but the ones I have seen have 3...
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    English Hobby Machinist Magazine

    'Engineering In Miniature' is a UK magazine and still in circulation. 'Model Engineer' and its partner 'Model Engineer's Workshop', again still in circulation. Dave The Emerald Isle