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  1. Sshire

    Gone as far as I can

    John I can’t tell you how badly I feel. Lousy news. I often think of all the help and encouragement you gave me when I was just starting with engine building. Your hand-done drawing that you sent for an oiler is on the shop wall and is a daily reminder of all you’ve given to us. God bless...
  2. Sshire

    Serial poster

    Agree 100%, Phil. It saddens me to see the quality of this forum moving from what was, IMHO, one of the premier model engineering sites, to one with total disregard for the original creators's work. The only reason that forums exist is through the generosity of the members sharing what they have...
  3. Sshire

    Solder Paste

    Rob Most silver solders and pastes, except for the "hard" varieties, will flow into a joint with .001-.002 clearance by capillary action. Here's a good reference
  4. Sshire

    The Ultimate Air Manifold

    I wanted to leave some compressor volume for others
  5. Sshire

    The Ultimate Air Manifold

    Chuck That's exactly why I gave so much detail, part#s etc. Glad you like it
  6. Sshire

    The Ultimate Air Manifold

    The Ultimate Air Manifold The title may be a quite bit of hyperbole, but the concept arose from my dissatisfaction with the air manifolds that I've been using at shows for the last few years. It's an aquarium manifold. Under $10 each on eBay. The valves don't adjust very precisely and...
  7. Sshire

    Lathe for sale

    I'm moving up to a larger lathe and thought I'd see if there's any interest here before I Craigslist or eBay it. Located near Philadelphia, PA Grizzly G0602 Metalworking Lathe Purchased new July 2011 With 3-jaw chuck 4-jaw chuck Faceplate Steady rest (never used) Follow rest (never used)...
  8. Sshire

    Elmer' #33 - Yet another mill engine - DONE

    Thanks, Nemoc. Much appreciated. Runs on about 5 pounds. Ran perfectly at Cabin Fever. 8 hrs continuously. Sent from my iPhone using Model Engines
  9. Sshire

    The First BIG Mistake, Part Two

    Jack I'm curious. What were they commenting about? Pictures would be great.
  10. Sshire

    Cabin fever #18

    Great seeing you,Chris Video and pix are super. Next year, bring your engines. We can talk about being the newest Bridgeport guys on the forum.
  11. Sshire

    Drawing selling and such

    This falls under the "first sale doctrine" Excerpt here "The first-sale doctrine creates a basic exception to the copyright holder's distribution right. Once the work is lawfully sold or even transferred gratuitously, the copyright owner's interest in the material object in which the...
  12. Sshire

    Elmer' #33 - Yet another mill engine - DONE

    Thanks. Actually fairly easy video to do. I dumped the entire folder of build pix and a video clip into iMovie on the MacBook Pro. Did a title and clicked on make movie and upload to YouTube.
  13. Sshire

    Elmer' #33 - Yet another mill engine - DONE

    Shopshoe I think it would be an easier build at 150%. To my mind, larger parts are easier to make. I did a Liney RV-1 at 200% and it was no problem. Paul It's the video. The engine (in person) runs very smoothly. I've seen this effect before. I always noticed, in the old Western movies...
  14. Sshire

    Newbie Lathe Choice

    What is it about "don't want a pre-built kit" that is not clear. First point: I've been actively searching Craigslist and local machine dealers for a Heavy 10 that is on good shape. No such animal. I wouldn't suggest a 20,30 or 40 year old lathe to a first-timer. That's more of a project than a...
  15. Sshire

    Elmer' #29 - Mine, all mine

    Shop shoe Thanks for the kind words. My philosophy with Elmer builds is that as long as I'm not screwing with a critical dimension, the design is a starting point and I let it take me wherever it goes. Some of my ideas never get to an actual part, some get that far and then I decide that I...
  16. Sshire

    Elmer' #29 - Mine, all mine

    I have a feeling that the number of plans out there far exceeds my lifetime.
  17. Sshire

    Elmer' #29 - Mine, all mine

    It does run. Now I have disassemble and polish, paint, etc
  18. Sshire

    First Engine - Elmer's #15 Fancy

    Fab Very nice! Great job for a first in a way smaller size than you're used to doing. I finished the mill engine a few weeks ago (search for the build log). If you like lots of moving parts, the cross twin and the mine engine are winners. My build logs for both are here also. Keep makin' chips.
  19. Sshire

    Another Elmer #33 (Second project)

    Jim Count that as a character building experience. One more thing to add to the "I won't do that again" list. Mine gets longer each day. The extrusion is a guide for the cross head. Like the flanges on train wheels. Sent from my iPhone using Model Engines
  20. Sshire

    Elmer' #29 - Mine, all mine

    Matty My die filer is an Oliver S-4. Although the company, Oliver of Adrian, is still in business, the die filer is no longer manufactured. There were a number of companies who made die filers in the heyday of tool and die shops.My guess is that CNC has eliminated much of the need for that...