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  1. josodl1953

    Malcolm Stride 15cc OHC Nemett Lynx

    The picture of the engine shows the cross-section drawings. It does not seem too difficult to use this as a guideline to draw up the engine drawings, and, accordingly, the drawings of the individual parts. Presuming you have some experience in technical drawings, of course. Jos
  2. josodl1953

    De Industrie 2VD5

    Ziet er netjes uit..... Jos
  3. josodl1953

    Demoiselle boxer twin

    Hi kf2qd, I have been operating model two-strokes for more than half a century and I still like them but, apart from balancing properties, I see no advantage of boxer twin two-strokes over single cylinder two-strokes of the same swept volume, since the twin cylinders ignite at the same time...
  4. josodl1953

    Demoiselle boxer twin

    Today was a fine day for test running. Everything assembled with the split bigend conrod, rigged up and ready to go. It took a few attempts to find the right needle valve setting ( wide open..) and then.. well, see for yourself:
  5. josodl1953

    Demoiselle boxer twin

    Today was a fine day for test running. Everything assembled with the split bigend conrod, rigged up and ready to go. It took a few attempts to find the right needle valve setting ( wide open..) and then.. well, see for yourself: The carb internal dia seemed still a bit too big because it...
  6. josodl1953

    Demoiselle boxer twin

    Drilling and reaming the crankpin hole I found that is is very difficult to make this hole right in between the already drilled boltholes for the bearingcap with only 0,25mm to spare on each side . So instead of drilling and tapping the boltholes an then machining the crankpinbearing I decided...
  7. josodl1953

    Demoiselle boxer twin

    So,I came up with the following design. First I made a dummy of " ordinary "aluminium to explore fabrication methods and possible interference with cam and crankcase. Yes, it looks a bit shabby but it's only for fitting purposes. Besides, if it was the real thing, no one would ever see it...
  8. josodl1953

    Demoiselle boxer twin

    After a number of starting attempts the crankshaft was turning heavy so I took the engine apart an the crankshaft was a bit distirtes at the front crankpin. So , back to the drawing board. It was obvious that the front crankpin had to be silver soldered. Since the rear crankpin does only...
  9. josodl1953

    Demoiselle boxer twin

    At last, the engine is assembled and fitted to the test stand. However, initial starting attempts were not succesful. The prop came loose every time the engine gave a pop. It turned out that angle of the cone ring and the propdriver were not exactly the same, causing insufficient grip on...
  10. josodl1953

    Hello !

    Monza...the city of the racing circuit and the home town of model engine manufacturer Gualtierangelo Picco. I made a visit to the factory in 1985, don't know if he is still in business, I used the Picco P90 15 cc boat racing engine for many years. Jos
  11. josodl1953

    Size standards for homemade engines !!?

    I find 20 mm a handy dimension for cylinder bores, I used it for my Edwards radial 5 and now for my boxer twin. You could use the same fixtures etc. if you use the same bore everytime. 20 mm gives you just enough space in the cylinder head for valves and 1/4" 32 TPI thread for glow and mini...
  12. josodl1953

    My new project ...Small diesel engine .

    Maybe you should look at the website of the German Maedler company, see They have representatives in Asia too, see However, they don't come cheap. Jos
  13. josodl1953

    Demoiselle boxer twin

    I finished the last parts: pistons. Remaining: all the fiddly jobs like test fitting ,airtightness of the valves testing, and last but not least , final assembly. This will take some time..... Jos
  14. josodl1953

    Demoiselle boxer twin

    Intake manifold is now complete. The carb is "borrowed" from an ASP25 ( 4cc). Jos
  15. josodl1953

    Demoiselle boxer twin

    Shrink fit of course...
  16. josodl1953

    Demoiselle boxer twin

    A very light shrin fit. I don't want to use adhesive because it prevents heat transfer from the liner to the barrel. Jos
  17. josodl1953

    Demoiselle boxer twin

    This week I made the cylinder liners and fitted them in the barrels. Only pistons and intake manifold still to do. Jos
  18. josodl1953

    Help dismantling gearbox

    Seems a French car gearbox to me (Peugeot/Citroen). I had a Citroen and its gearbox looked very similar to this one , the gear upper left is the diff gear. You should remove the gear selector rods first. It seems to me that the solution for the dissasembly lies in the opposite side of the...
  19. josodl1953

    Demoiselle boxer twin

    I made the rockers but I was not satisfied with them. The pushrods were not perpendicular to the crankcase which meant that there were transversal loads on both rockers and cam followers. This problem was solved by new rockers with offset tappets. The pictures below show the difference between...
  20. josodl1953

    Darracq 25HP 1/4 Scale Model

    Nice project Ken! Do you intend to fly it on a R/C plane? I'm building a boxer twin to fly it on a R/C Demoiselle but it's not anywhere near a scale Darraq. I'll be following this build with great interest. Jos