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    Removing mill scale

    a coarse wire wheel works good.
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    Today I went to buy a file---and---man---

    Never tried it, but the preferred acid is sulfuric. Quicker acting and does not have the fumes of muratic. My favorite file is labeled "farmer". It is flat and square, no taper at all. One side is coarse, the other is medium fine. Handle is shaped from the files parent material. Very handy...
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    Brian builds a Corliss

    Yes! Repair is much more than replacing a wire that has let the smoke escape. Bill
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    Ban on small engines in California

    Ken, is something lost when information crosses an ocean? NO BODY us suggesting that CO2 is being regulated because of its human toxicity. To think that mankind cannot have an impact on the environment is short sighted. Do not compare human related CO2 emissions to nature's. Add it. Bill
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    Ban on small engines in California

    While it may be true that the Constitution does not mention Society, it mentions General Welfare in the preamble. Try reading it. Bill
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    Ban on small engines in California

    Instead of talking about freedom, how about responsibility? Social responsibility. Like not driving as fast as you want when/where you want. Not driving drunk. Not polluting. Not carrying a preventable disease. Usually complying with what you are told to do is best for society and in your...
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    Chinese 4 stroke model camshaft repair advice

    I cut my machining teeth in high school on worn out WWII USA machinery. Cincinnati, LeBlond, Monarch and South Bend were the names of the day. Yes, great American equipment. The Monarch was a 16" fat girl and still in great shape, so I know what quality is all about. But I got into the hobby...
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    Deviding head $311.99

    I purchased a 5" Sanou 3 jaw chuck. Took it apart, expecting to find gobs of grit and dirt. It was very clean and lightly lubed. Bill
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    DoAll Bandsaw for Brian

    I have two Ebay VFD's and find them to be a great value. Easy to install and work remarkably well. The preset values work and the soft starts are terrific. Bill
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    Parting tool chatter

    I found the problem! Being almost 80 and loosing strength, I had decided to switch to smaller, easier to mount chucks. So I machined #4 Morse taper onto three slugs of mystery metal and a drawbar to hold them into the lathe spindle. The 5" chucks are mount (of course) on these Morse taper...
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    Allis-Chalmers lathe

    And if they sell it as scrap, I see no reason it could not be sold to you as scrap. For all they know, you want to cut it up to use as boat anchors. One of the drawbacks of these Old Girls is limited speed selection. By all means, put a 3-5 hp three phase motor with a 7hp Ebay VFD on it and...
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    What the heck?

    I do not know who sells them, but they are made by XinShuang. 3 hp units cost about $75 apiece. Instructions were not a problem. In fact, instructions were barely needed. I cannot comment on sizing, other than to say an oversized unit has no drawbacks other than cost, which is extremely...
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    What the heck?

    I have bought two low priced Ebay VFD's and they have done their job very well. They are about 100% oversize. Bill
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    Allis-Chalmers lathe

    We lapped the bushings to a round condition, made pins to fit. It was the best we could do with the equipment we had. That's usually what farmers do. The shovel frame parts were very large and there was no way we could bore the old bushings. The results lasted well after Dad sold the...
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    Allis-Chalmers lathe

    Harvest? Sounds like you are a farmer. If so, this old girl will do you proud. Very suited to the kind of repair work you probably need to do. Dad decided to rebuild a back hoe. The 16" American (different manufacturer, but very similar machines) was a great match for the 1 1/4" inch pins...
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    Allis-Chalmers lathe

    She's an old girl, 1900 to WWI. Maybe even earlier. But they were making good lathes during this era. As noted earlier, not speed demons. My father bought a 16 x 60" WWI American Pacemaker from his employer. Motor sat above the headstock, much like yours. Great old lathe, but it would...
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    Parting tool chatter

    Reducing speed simply changed the chatter frequency, no impact on when the chatter stopped. Oil seemed to make the operation go smoother. Nothing really definite. It seems that my lathe (12" Enco, belt drive) crossfeed is too fast, have to do all parting using manual feed. You can say my...
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    Parting tool chatter

    An interesting experience the readers of this thread might enjoy. I did my best to incorporate the many suggestions, especially concerning rigidity. Some improvements, but not earth shaking. The tool had a tendency to hog in and we all know where that ends. Fast forward to last week. I...
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    Problems with Steel

    The problem with drilling closely spaced holes sounds like the steel is hardening from heat generated from drilling the previous holes. This is real easy to do with air hardening steel or sometimes with low quality steel made from anybodies guess feed stock. Lately I've become a real fan of...
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    India Tools

    I bought a made in India 6" rotary table from an Ebay supplier who has been around for several years and has an inhouse brand of tools. I am very impressed. Extensive machine finish and everything works very smoothly with no slop. I have used it a couple of times, no complaints. It may not...