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    New Engine Design thought process

    Thanks guys, I may try and do something relatively simple to start off, and copy/draw and then build something that has been done before. Get an idea from that, after that I can try and make things a bit more complex. I need to spend more time learning how to use a cad program. I use Fusion...
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    New Engine Design thought process

    I had been looking at the opposing piston engine that INN engine has come up with. I wouldn't mind doing a 3D printed version of it for fun, and then see if I can go somewhere with that. My 2nd problem being, i'm new to cad drawings, and so trying to draw some of these parts is not easy. But...
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    New Engine Design thought process

    Hi all, I have never built an engine before. I've played with my 2 stroke motor in my 1/5th scale dessert buggy, and my 2 stroke weed eaters. I work for a company that sells machinery, and know many of the features and benefits of what we sell, but knowing how to use them, and how to do what I...
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    Start on liquid-piston X-Engine build.

    I know this was a year ago, but curious if you got anywhere with it? I am tempted to have a go at making one, I want to use it in a rc car application. I wanted to do the standard rotary, but this one seems kinda cooler, and possibly have better performance.
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    New Member

    G'day all, New member here from the land down under. Have been wanting to do a project for a little while now, and am wanting to do some work with a friend at work and build our own scaled engine. I had been looking at originally buying a kit, whilst would be fun, wasn't really what I wanted...