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  1. srobovak

    Belt Grinder (2"x40" version)

    Hi HMEM, I find a belt grinder an invaluable tool in the workshop. So I always wanted to build one. Since I have a very small shop it had to be a small one. There are many belt grinder designs and DIY videos on the net. However, the majority of them require welding for which I have neither the...
  2. srobovak

    Home-brewed 180° Inline Twin

    Hi HMEM, I have started to work on a new design for a 180° Inline Twin. The 3D model is progressing well, but the actual machining will probably take a long time since my time and workshop possibilities are limited. Nevertheless, I have managed to finish the connecting rods which I thought I'd...
  3. srobovak

    Honda GX160- 8.5cc

    well done. looks and sounds great!
  4. srobovak

    Ford 300 Inline Six

    great job! i enjoyed this thread very much - 6 cylinder in-line is my favourite type of engine. thanks a lot for your time and for educating all of us following your thread. all the best in your next project! branislav
  5. srobovak

    How I made my piston rings. No heat

    Hi Paul, An interesting method of producing the piston rings. Do you have any pictures of those lathe jigs you're talking about? Do the rings spring back to opened gap when you release them from the clamping jig? Thanks and cheers, Branislav
  6. srobovak

    Ford 300 Inline Six

    Hi Terry, What's the black box mounted on the very right of the holding plate close to the switch? Thanks
  7. srobovak

    270 Offy

    Congrats! Excellent workmanship. And thanks for taking so much time to share all the details with us. cheers, Branislav
  8. srobovak

    270 Offy

    It's getting there! Really looking forward to see/hear it running...
  9. srobovak

    270 Offy

    Hi Terry, Nice looking manifold. I didn't quite get the reason why to turn the taper on the outside... For the looks? Looking forward to the next step. cheers, Branislav
  10. srobovak

    Simple cam grinding jig

    Thanks. I really like your simple approach. The results speak for themself. I'll have a shot at it myself. cheers, Branislav
  11. srobovak

    Simple cam grinding jig

    Hi Sam, Thanks for posting this interesting design. It also seems to work very well in your engines. I read your post carefully a couple of times but I still can not quite understand how to make the master-cam. Therefore, I have a few questions... 1) How do you decide what diameter shall the...
  12. srobovak

    270 Offy

    Hi Terry, What's the size of those capacitors you use on the "Trigger Indicator Board"? You don't have them in your schematic. Thanks - Branislav
  13. srobovak

    Simple DIY dividing head

    Hi HMEM, Since I started machining I have some strange crush on dividing mechanisms... For my "snöffy" engine project I bought a small Vertex copy of 110 mm dividing head, mainly to use for cam-milling. However, even before buying this commercial product I'd bought a great book called...
  14. srobovak

    Brazing Fixture

    I use "FONTARGEN F 300 H Ultra NT" flux and 1.5mm thick brazing wire with about 55% silver content. Over the years I have found to get the best results when pre-forming rings around the joint and covering them with flux. However I can't really compare to anything else... Next time I do some...
  15. srobovak

    Single cylinder OHV - "Snöffy"

    Yes, the adjustable fuel tank is quite handy. I was experimenting also with the fuel pump but I have found out there was no real need for it. One thing I would suggest to do differently is to add a height adjustment screw running parallel to the post. This way you can experiment more easily...
  16. srobovak

    Single cylinder OHV - "Snöffy"

    Thank you all, and yes I'm from Slovakia.
  17. srobovak

    Featured Build - November 2019

    It's real honor that my engine made it so far. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction and encouragement for future projects. I thank you all. Branislav
  18. srobovak

    Single cylinder OHV - "Snöffy"

    I thank you all for your kind words and your interest in this engine. One of the most important lessons learned is that one must properly finish the 3D-model and all technical drawings before the machining begins. I was impatient and kept changing and adjusting things as I went along. This...
  19. srobovak

    Single cylinder OHV - "Snöffy"

    Hi HMEM, I have been working on this one for over 4 years now and it finally came to a successful end... After researching numerous builds from other people and combining things together I eventually distilled my own engine design. I wanted to work in the metric system and also wanted to...
  20. 4 - Stroke OHV Engine Model - YouTube

    4 - Stroke OHV Engine Model - YouTube

    - 12.3 cc - spark ignition - NGK CM-6 spark plug - O.S. 1A carb - coleman fuel