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  1. arnoldb

    Kiwi Mk2 Engine

    Looking good there Vince ;) Kind regards, Arnold
  2. arnoldb

    Email Notifications

    Hi Dave If you Click "My Account" at the top of the page, and choose "Edit Forum Options", you can change the setting for "Default Thread Subscription Mode" to either not automatically subscribe to threads or not to send email. The "Do Not Subscribe" option there aught to give the same...
  3. arnoldb

    New beam engine plans

    Gents, you can download the plans as follows: The original one from OldBoatGuy (Gerry) with imperial drawings here Ken I's metric plans for the engine is here Regards, Arnold
  4. arnoldb

    big beam

    :o Going by Fancy's size that's a BIG engine Ron - good going Thm: Unfortunately I can't comment on the colour scheme; I seem to get stuck at dark blue and shiny bare metal bits :big: Kind regards, Arnold
  5. arnoldb

    Accurate cross holes - without a jig.

    This is a great method and works well. I have one of those cheap 'n cheerful cross-vises mounted on my drill press, and regularly use this method when cross-drilling round stock on the DP. The cross-vise makes things easy to adjust. At one point I used my 6" rule for this, but ran into problems...
  6. arnoldb

    Eye Glasses

    That's a very valid point you raised Jerry :bow: It's one of those things one tend to forget - I'm fortunate in that my eye doctor (he's not just an optician) is not of the robotic kind, but takes an active interest in his patients. He is very well aware of my modelling exploits and that I'm...
  7. arnoldb

    PM Research No. 1 Build

    That looks just dandy Brian Thm: Oh yes - Happy Birthday ! Kind regards, Arnold
  8. arnoldb

    Not one mention of ArnoldB

    Glad you enjoyed the Namibian stop-off on your cruise Gerrit Thm: - and some really nice write-up on your blog! The lichens are amazing to see - as you mentioned. I've grown up here, but it's still a treat to make a stop off and splash some water on a patch and see it "come to life". And yes...
  9. arnoldb

    Kiwi Mk2 Engine

    The valves DO look nice Vince :bow: Kind regards, Arnold
  10. arnoldb

    Hi from Barcelona

    Hi Bernat - Welcome to HMEM wEc1 There's no problem with posting the link joshagrady Thm: Kind regards, Arnold
  11. arnoldb

    Two Engines in One or Elmer Gets a Makeover

    ;D There you go Stan - Well done! Looking forward to the finished engine Thm: Kind regards, Arnold
  12. arnoldb

    Not one mention of ArnoldB

    Hi Stan ;D With scenes like that it's obvious that I can't possibly be mentioned ;D :big: Thank you Jim, that's very kind of you to say, but #1 is non-arguably, most definitely, and non-negotiably vastly OTT! . You do get the option of a free stay in Windhoek with full board in my...
  13. arnoldb

    I can't quite place my finger on it...

    ;D So THAT's what's wrong with it... The rest of the MP crew is missing ;D John, I'm aware of the - shall we say "normality" - that's found in the UK; in fact I quite enjoy a lot of it :) 9 years in my early career spent providing IT user support at our national broadcaster to the whole range...
  14. arnoldb

    I can't quite place my finger on it...

    There's something wrong in this video clip, but I can't quite put my finger on what exactly... Members sensitive to bagpipe "music" might want to mute their speakers before playing ;) Arnold
  15. arnoldb

    Super Tigre G32 1cc diesel - a 5cc version

    Exquisite final result Ramon :bow: :bow: Thank you for taking us along on the journey! Kind regards, Arnold
  16. arnoldb

    First Engine Elmer's #29

    The cylinder looks great so far Ed Thm: The 1/2" end mill should work just fine for rounding over - just do it with light cuts. Kind regards, Arnold
  17. arnoldb

    Two Engines in One or Elmer Gets a Makeover

    Hi Stan I took a bit of time before replying because I wanted to give the plans a bit of a study. The valve faces must be very flat and parallel, as must be the inside of the valve housing and the face of the crankcase against which the valve runs to minimise blow-by This might sound like a...
  18. arnoldb

    1/4 scale V8, first project.

    :o :o Couldn't put it better myself! Kind regards, Arnold
  19. arnoldb

    Adjustable parallels

    ::) These are still on my to-build list... Don't know when though :big: Kind regards, Arnold
  20. arnoldb

    Dot and Stews African Adventure

    Looks like you enjoyed your holiday closer to my neck of the woods savannah Stew Thm: If you didn't see a rhino it's a pity; that would mean you missed seeing the "big 5" by just one animal - though the rhinos are a bit scare and are all getting poached to extinction. At least the Serengeti...