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  1. jschoenly

    Small, 3v Buzz Coil Ignition

    The relay was one of the first that showed up on amazon searching "3v relay". They are a pretty small 5 pin pcb relay and reasonable in a 10 pack. It also uses a 0.1 mfd cap (the current one is only 50v ceramic, not sure if that will last?). The coil is from a small stash George had that I...
  2. jschoenly

    Small, 3v Buzz Coil Ignition

    I needed a buzz coil for a little Stove Pipe Domestic I just got from a friend (the Herder engine casting set, with about 4" flywheels). One of the things I always loved about my good friend George Luhr's models what how he hid the coils in a relatively small base and used 2 AA batteries for...
  3. jschoenly

    Machining Valve Stems

    Great Idea!! I do stay way too busy all year but someone should bug me. There are some awesome process jigs and tooling in the small vertical "briggs like" engine he produced. I also have a bunch of these unfinished that I talk about finihsing once in a while. I would like to make some time...
  4. jschoenly

    Machining Valve Stems

    The spark plugs for the 1/8" bore engines are 0-80 thread with a surface gap. George made all these. I will try to snap a picture of the various plugs he made for his array of engines.
  5. jschoenly

    Machining Valve Stems

    Being the current caretaker of George Luhrs collection and many tools, it was a wonderful thing to see and talk about his methods. For valves he was serious about them being good as machined or they were junk. For thin stems he taught me about a tool set flat to the face and machining the final...
  6. jschoenly

    Cabin Fever coming up soon!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone! Same as last year, we have opened up for set up on Thursday at 3PM to 7PM and for auction previews. Don't forget the auctions as well - Onine Only Bidding like last year however there is free wifi and we can assist with single item bids as needed. Lots of...
  7. jschoenly

    Sold Model Wilton Vise on Ebay

    I'm glad I snagged a casting set last year at Cabin Fever! Looking forward to building mine. The Wilton following is crazy. Glad I grabbed a 2.5" and 2" baby when I did.
  8. jschoenly

    Pond at cabin fever

    Yes! We are working out the details again but the Pond will likely move to the Front Hall (#5!) this year and we plan to have ample table space around for everyone's boats! If anyone has any specific questions, please never hesitate to email us or call. Thanks! Jared
  9. jschoenly

    Found this Steam Bike news report and now I want to build one!

    That does have all the features and design of the Brodie build... Cool!
  10. jschoenly

    Found this Steam Bike news report and now I want to build one!

    I bought 2 partial build Roper Steam Bikes from Paul Brodie in British Columbia. He finished at least 1. I really should get this project out and push it to a higher priority. Frames, handlebars, and a lot of big parts are done. Needs rhe engine components and wheels. 🤪
  11. jschoenly

    in your opinon, what is the youngest age for someone to use a mamod or similar steam toy?

    I was 6 or 7 when I was given my Jensen 75 and it was all down hill from there....
  12. jschoenly

    Cabin Fever Expo 2022 - 25th

    Charlie, I agree! The apps can be found here: Online Bidding | home We find it is easy to use and register for most. Some people have had issues filling in incorrect information, so anyone having trouble I just suggest reading the fields carefully. The Morning Sessions for Friday has been...
  13. jschoenly

    Cabin Fever Expo 2022 - 25th

    The bidding is online. You can use a smart phone, Tablet, laptop or other devices via the web or our app to place bids and they guest internet will be available for everyone's use. There will be a process in place to accept bids but logistically we have to take your max bid and will require...
  14. jschoenly

    Cabin Fever Expo 2022 - 25th

    Reread the post, that is not what was said.
  15. jschoenly

    Cabin Fever Expo 2022 - 25th

    Hello all! First sorry for my lack of posts. I assure it is only an artifact of being very busy this year! As of now we are very much planning to have to the show. We have been advertising in all the usual places. Attached is a flyer for this year. We have made some minor tweaks. The...
  16. jschoenly

    Cabin Fever Auctions - May 15th 2021 Model Engineering Auction and More!

    For anyone NOT on our email lists – We just wanted to make everyone aware of this weekends auction (May 15th) selling some very nice machine tools, hand tools, Model Engineering Engines & Kits, and more! Clausing and Rockwell Milling machines as well as Clausing and Logan Metal Lathes. Live...
  17. jschoenly

    Cabin Fever 2020

    We had been deciding but make sure you know there will be the pond! Yes last year the size was reduced slightly to fit the limitations (posts) in the "Transportation Room". It will certainly be there again and we look forward to having everyone! The boat activity has been a little light the...
  18. jschoenly

    'Tiny' Domestic side shaft engine help

    Domestic governors are generally a single weight on a rod with an "eccentric" on the crank. The weight and rod fit in a hole drilled radially out in the rim OR a little angle bracket bolted to the spoke) and there is a spring between it and the flywheel rim (or bracket). I think in the relaxed...
  19. jschoenly

    Challenger V8 or alternative?

    I have kits for Black Widow V-8 as well as a full 1/4 scale '32 Ford Roadster body, quick change rear, trans, and more. If anyone is interested feel free to PM me. Thanks!
  20. jschoenly

    WANTED - Breisch Duplex Steam Pump Kit

    I have a friend looking for a Breisch duplex pump, kit or built. Anyone have one around they'd like to sell? Thanks!