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    Mini Tube bender.

    yes i would like a copy please. i have the other one and dont like it much.....
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    wow man this guys got some skills
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    jib crane hoist swing boom planning and constructive advice

    turn buckle is a bad idea................better put a backup in there.......................
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    metal bandsaw improvement

    cant understand brazil talk
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    American Flag Engine

    WELL i love it and if it ofends people screw them. YUP. personaly im sick and tired of this offending B/S ok im done with the political crap. Thats a very nice display piece.
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    Oilfield Pumpjack scratch build complete!

    I live out there (well pretty close ) i have fond memories of these from when i was a kid. I have many pis of them and the really old wooden one , they moved it to the city edge now. the paint on them is just about gone now. I wish they would restore them .
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    bad 4 jaw

    i agree completly. ill find another use for it some day. for now it sits in the scap box.
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    bad 4 jaw

    Yes i do like the 4 jaw much better, but it will take me a bit to get used to quickly setting it up. Im pretty happy with the new 4 jaw . I got the 4 inch with the back plate. it takes up a lil more room , but im happy with it.
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    Oilfield Pumpjack scratch build complete!

    you must have been out to coalinga at some point in time . those are all over the place there , but they let the paint get run down now. they used to be real pretty all painted up
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    bad 4 jaw

    oh yes but it will require making every one of them. i wont trust this chuck the way it is. . ive ordered and recieved a 4 inch 4 jaw from little machine shop . i just broke down and got a good one. my 3 jaw is 0.27 off and ive screwed it up now by trying to grind it true. so is flippin usless...
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    Simple mill threading tool

    i like this as well. another tool to use. i too have 3 or 4 of these chucks not doing anything and it can be adapted right over to the drill press as well.
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    bad 4 jaw

    i did not even think about the t slot part already there. gives me more to think about. Thank You
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    bad 4 jaw

    yes this is something that i should have followed on because my father also taught me dont buy cheap stuff. but i failed to listen and i have payed the price. i had though about trying to make a better screw for it but . ive just decided its not worth the effort. im trying to decide what to do...
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    bad 4 jaw

    ok i think im gunna just cut this chuck down and make a flat plate with either a grove or holes for a dog to work in. i was hoping somebody had some other ideas but i quess not. so off to the band saw to cut the baby down to size
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    bad 4 jaw

    blogs this is the second chuck . i sent the other one back . this has been over a year ago . i just gave the seller very bad reviews and just threw the chuck in the junk box im done with the seller. i just ran across it yesterday and thought about weather or not i could fix it or make something...
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    bad 4 jaw

    yes it did fail right away. the keeper failed too , it got hung up on the screw busted off one piece of the thread then chiped the keeper. this chuck has no use on it what so ever. i bought it installed it and tried to use it . thats when that screw failed . this is the second chuck to fail. its...
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    bad 4 jaw

    howdy hey. long time sense ive been in here. illness has me hurt . any who ive a four jaw (el cheapo) that i got through flea bay (ya i know ) three jaws work great but the fourth now so good at all in fact i threw it into the scrap box. im trying to maybe salvage it but unsure of how .the...
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    New 2.5 cc Model Diesel design and build.

    wow great build. you guys do good work one day ill be able to do such good stuff. love the builds , seeing what everybody makes and the awesomeness of the skills. it inspires me more an more.
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    A FREE ANGLE DRILL (or very cheap)

    pretty neat . i have a few of them things laying around. you just gave me an idea on how to apply these old chucks to something useful Thanks.
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    How loud are 7x12 mini lathes?

    hahaha agreed hahahahahahahaha