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  1. krakkah

    Tube Bender 20mm tube - Homemade

    Ok so I have made my own tube bender its great for 12mm and 16mm ERW tube. Tidy bends, I will add photos when I get home. But now I need to bend 3/4inch or 20mm~ tube. And I have been thinking a cheap lump of metal for the main die would be a dumbbell weight machined down and a round groove...
  2. krakkah


    In my experience gassing GX25 engines its almost always rich! Imagine mouse fart and divide by 2!. You dont need much. There is some sweet systems for these engines for running indoors. Good designs to copy from.
  3. krakkah

    Mini diesel engine.

    If you know any history behind how typical diesel injection came about, youll know Rudolph Diesel himself almost killed himself using a carburettor style fuel supply. Which is why he invented the injector. But for small stuff a carby works.
  4. krakkah

    Alternatives to Bentonite clay

    Thanks everyone. I purchased a $13 coffee grinder from Kmart and that minced through a 10 kg bag of kitty litter in no time. My greensand has the right stiction now. Some great ideas there I am going to try next time thanks.
  5. krakkah

    Alternatives to Bentonite clay

    Gday I am having issues finding fine ground Bentonite clay and need an alternative quick. Even looking through face mask suppliers it's expensive and takes ages to get here. I don't have the time to muck around grinding up kitty litter. Any ideas? Help appreciated.
  6. krakkah

    V4 configuration

    check out my animation
  7. krakkah

    Small V8

    very nice :)