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    What have you been doing today?

    Not today, but yesterday morning. About 6AM, I was on my way to work when a truck with a small, enclosed trailer hit me driver side front. Spun me around 270 degrees and stalled my truck. Surprisingly, no airbags deployed. I am mostly unscathed, except for a deep bruise on my left ankle, and...
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    What have you been doing today?

    I got out of work early today (gotta burn vacation time or lose it), so I went down to the shop to make these: Low profile vise hold-downs. Made from a piece of scrap square tubing, so I assume hot rolled steel. Something I've been meaning to make for a while, so this gets them off the...
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    Cutting oils What do you use?

    I purchased one of those Chinese mist coolant things a while back. It uses very little oil, and so makes much less mess and produces far less fumes. Of course, you need a compressor to run it, but it only takes a couple of PSI (I set mine as low as the cheap HF regulator will go). A soda...
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    New 3-jaw chuck

    Just for some closure to this thread, I thought an update was in order. I ordered a generic 4" diameter 3-jaw chuck from eBay. I arrived in the usual packaging, which was all but destroyed. The chuck, although deeply scratched, was in otherwise good shape. I disassembled it to clean out the...
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    MicroLux Lathe

    I don't see the MicroLux is any better than the other Seig produced machines in that category to justify the higher price. That said, I have been using a mini lathe for many years now, and the biggest drawback is having to take lighter cuts, so things take longer. Would I like a larger...
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    What have you been doing today?

    Made a couple more pens for coworkers. One in cocobolo, the other in basswood, dyed orange as he is a Syracuse basketball fan.
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    New 3-jaw chuck

    After more consideration, I have decided against the 5" chuck. I do have a recently purchased 5C chuck (I already had all the collets) which I need to finish mounting. This uses a 5" adapter plate, and this alone has convinced me that it's really too big for the lathe. Problems with the 3-jaw...
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    New 3-jaw chuck

    I have a Homier Speedway lathe. Made by Seig, it's pretty much the same 7x14 that Grizzly, HF and others sell. It came with a 3" 3-jaw chuck, which I have been using and abusing for many years. I recently took it off to mount my 5C chuck adapter plate and decided to open it up to clean out...
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    For Sale Looking for value of casting kits to sell

    PM Research 2A is still available on the web for $59 plus shipping.
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    3d Printed Double Acting Engine

    I've tried an aquarium air pump, and it didn't put out enough volume to run my rocking piston engine. I can run that engine on breath power easily. A larger pump may work better, but I used what I had on hand.
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    John Tom Site

    It's been that way for weeks. I suspect owner didn't want to pay for the site anymore.
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    Hi from Rochester,New York

    What part of Rochester? I'm in Brighton, over near the old "can of worms".
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    I'm back again

    Howdy, stranger. Long time, no see.
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    Could this be an engine to build ???

    Yes. It is not your idea to sell.
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    Sad news about John Moore aka Bogstandard aka Blogwitch

    For a brief time years ago, Bogs was sort of a mentor to me. I will be forever grateful for his advise and assistance. R.I.P. Mr. Moore.
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    Better Gibs for mini lathe

    Stupid question time: how do you mill at an angle like that? Adjustable vise?
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    Belts for Mini Belt Sander

    Klingspor's woodworking ( ) is a manufacturer of all sorts of abrasives. Great belts, far superior to anything else I've tried. Their 20# boxes of cutoffs will last you for ages.
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    How do you seal joints?

    Indian Head Gasket Shellac is the best thing for sealing two flat metal surfaces. I've been using it for decades on all sorts of cars and trucks, and it has never failed me.
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    Kit Comparison?

    Castings are MUCH more difficult for new machinists. Work holding, order of operations, and lack of datums all make them more of a challenge. Start with a simple bar stock oscillator or one of Elmer's engines (Elmers Engines Steam Engine Plans) and go from there.
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    In surch of plans for steam launch engine

    How about a scaled up version of Bogstandard's Paddleduck engine? Very well documented, and almost guaranteed to run.