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  1. Johan Maritz

    Hello from the Tip of Africa

    Hallo Cape Town, i'm from Johannesburg. Welcome, see you have Sherline equipment. You are aware we have a local agent for Sherline in Johannesburg. The guy's name is Pieter Heydenrich from company "Tool and professional" I bought my lathes and milling machines and a lot of Sherline tooling from...
  2. Johan Maritz

    need help with steam engine choices

    My advice would be a bar stock engine as a first, rather than a casting set. Casting sets are expensive and so easy to do something wrong. Daunting in the beginning to plot your dimensions on a rough casting. With a bar stock, if you made a mistake, cut another piece of metal and start again...
  3. Johan Maritz

    Design of a Simple Model Steam engine.

    Fantastic tips coming out here!! I'm hooked, following.
  4. Johan Maritz

    Water Gauges for Boilers.

    Very good write up and a very needed one for me. I have been studying literature and drawings for weeks now on how to make these fittings. This comes at a most welcome time. Thanks Tony, very good tips there as well, experience shows.
  5. Johan Maritz

    Wanted WTB: Unimat 3, BEGGING for help.

    Now that is very wise advice from Dazz. One tend to forget about the tooling and accessories. That can amount to more than the actual milling machine.
  6. Johan Maritz

    Who is it on this forum that sells small engine plans?

    Is this site of Bill stil working, i can't seem to get it. Bill's site Workbench Miniatures
  7. Johan Maritz

    Elmer's no 29

    Thanks for your kind words. I really appreciate it. It felt if i would never complete this engine, i made several parts a second time, i had to make several jigs to help with the small part holding. I sort of " painted myself into a corner" with quite a number of machining sequences. After a...
  8. Johan Maritz

    Elmer's no 29

    I will look into counter weighing the crank, it makes sense to me, and can indeed make it to run smoother. That is an easy part to redo. Thanks for the advice. Mine was running at a minimum of about 36 kPa, not sure how much PSI that is.
  9. Johan Maritz

    Elmer's no 29

    Hi, I eventually managed to record a video of my engine running. Forgive me my movie making skills is very limited. My air supply was difficult to control nicely, i need to make myself a valve or regulator of some sort to control the airflow to the engine. It runs fine at this stage, you will...
  10. Johan Maritz

    "Stuart" Twin Launch

    You just gave me a great idea. I bought a twin launch from a deceased estate, but once looking carefully I discovered a very badly butchered engine, especially the soleplate. I'm not willing to buy a new casting, but nothing prevent me from doing the same as you. The cylinders are ok ish, the...
  11. Johan Maritz

    "Stuart" Twin Launch

    Yes i agree, amazing amount of work into that cylinder block. That wants to be done. Following, great work!
  12. Johan Maritz

    Tim from Telford, UK

    Very valuable advice, i'm moving house to the coast where i will have to take care of this issue. As a matter of fact i do have a Myford cover that i'm using. But what you say makes sense to me.
  13. Johan Maritz

    Video/movie clip file format

    Hi, are there any guidelines regarding posting a video clip of a running engine? File type preference, file size?
  14. Johan Maritz

    Elmer's no 29

    Hi thanks to every ones kind comments and advice. Something that i forgot to mention, it is one thing machining all these tiny parts, it is a completely different thing to fit all these together and to get it to turn with the least possible friction. Thanks Steamchick for your willingness to...
  15. Johan Maritz

    Elmer's no 29

    Hi, i have recently more or less completed Elmer's no 29 engine. It has been quite a difficult journey. On first impressions it looks rather simple and easy. Not so for me anyway. Most of the parts is seriously small and as Joe Pie mentions, you can't machine what you cannot hold. You do not...
  16. Johan Maritz

    Elmer Verburg's #6 Slider

    As mentioned before, quite difficult to scan a hardcover book in a flat bed scanner, thus not the best of image but i think this will be sufficient to build the engine?
  17. Johan Maritz

    Elmer Verburg's #6 Slider

    Sorry, i could not get good scans, it is difficult to get a hard cover book in the scanner. I took photos with my cellphone. Hope this will get you going. I will try something else to make good copies.
  18. Johan Maritz

    Elmer Verburg's #6 Slider

    I have Elmer's book. If you can hang on, i'll make good copies tonight and post them here. That is for no #6
  19. Johan Maritz

    Miniature beam engine.

    Thanks for sharing Mike, exactly my idea as well to possibly make the cylinder part on it's own and the somehow bolt it to the mainframe.