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    New surface grinder for my shop

    Best Of Luck, to you. larry1
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all. larry1
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    Help me win a new lawn.

    Rexer, Sorry I could not find Sammy. larry1
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    Model of a Bessemer Hot Tube Oil Field Engine

    Chuck, Im with Brian, whatever the easier for you. I like it sitting up, too.
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    Elmer's Geared #5

    Weez, I really like your engine , Also really like the flywheel. Thank you for the good description of build and the great pictures
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    Double acting triple - Using up spare pieces

    Great job, Great looking engine. I like the rods, and valve rods coming out the top. Thank you for the great pictures. larry
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    June Project of the Month!

    Mayhugh1, great looking engine, great work. larry
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    New Frisco Standard

    Mike, Great job, larry
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    3 Cylinder Fairbanks Model

    Chuck, great job,great sound. larry1
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    Model Sawmill Dreaming---

    Brian, Great work, Great pictures, thank you for posting pictures. larry
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    just engine

    Kadora, Great work, and thank you for the pictures. larry
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    Miniature Wood Planes

    flyingtractors1, Great job and thank you very much for posting. larry
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    1" Scale CASE Traction Engine

    Ron, Great looking, Great work, Great pictures. larry
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    April's Project of the Month

    Cubman, Great job on engine. also like the wires and electrical box. larry
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    Longboy's Stirling "Fantail" Engine.

    Great work, and yes, what is the engine in your avitar. larry
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    March's Project of the Month

    Great work,Don-Tucker, also great picture. larry
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    The Five Dynasties steam engine model

    Great work, great engines. larry
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    Boiler Construction Photographs.

    Tony, Great job, Great presentation. Thank-you very much. larry
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    My Little workshop

    slaurenson, very nice looking shop larry
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    Brian builds Atkinson Engine

    Brian, Great work, great pictures, great writting, thank-you very much. larry