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    Hi from downunder

    Gday Ron, I also have the AL320G and at first thought it was a bit of a pos but with a few mods and some time learning the machine you can get good results, at least for a back yarder. There are plenty of posts about modifying them so do some searching. The qctp is a worthwhile add and I would...
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    Foot Switch

    That's a great build on the pedal, I am planning to do something sort of similar for a lift tig on/off switch. I haven't been on the forum for a really long time and didn't realise there was a 3D printer section.
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    Yet another QCTP thread (BXA on AL320G)

    Another Al 320G QCTP convert here, thanks to Rod. Only thing that sH^t$ me is that the tool post can only take 1 holder at a time. Sort of defeats the purpose just a tad, referring to the one mentioned in the thread obviously. Anyway thanks Rod it was an exercise worth doing, I can still change...