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    Stuart 10H build

    hi sos for the delay but had to re scan the plans
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    Where to start

    hi you will get there in the end
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    flange nuts

    hi forgive me for bin a bit thick is it standard 4mm thread you looking for and do they need to be SS
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    burgess bandsaw

    hi I'm in the proses of refitting a Burgess bandsaw BBS.2 has any one got one if so can you gets sum pics of the blade guides in the top and bottom and of the plug guide in the middle of the table and has any one got a Manuel they can scan for me thanks
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    A Small Vertical Steam Engine

    hi Jan I'm looking forward to this billed good job dun so far
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    July Project of the Month

    hi and well dun
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    hi well dun i have enjoyed the billed and you have dun the job brill 10 out of 10 from me
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    A few of my posts from elsewhere

    nice post well dun
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    Hello from the UK

    hi and have fun
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    Arnold's tooling odds 'n ends

    hi and a nuther job well dun
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    engine No 13

    HI thanks all for the comments
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    engine No 13

    hi all if you can get this link you will see a vid of the engine runing and sum of my other engines to
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    Brazing technique advice needed

    hi well the ring metherd will work but i have dun this in the past and it works well get a nice clean file and a sheet of paper i used a large peace of wall paper filed i have with the pattern side dawn IE so you is working on a clean base file sum silver solder on to the paper just guesstimate...
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    June Project of the Month

    HI a nice job well dun
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    hi can not wate any longer get it runing
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    hi well their is books out their but its like every thing its practise with both types of soldering it all must be spotless with soft soldering yous plumes flux for hard fixings but not for electrical work yous proper flux for that and the other thing is heat in both cases you can have to much...
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    No Bull Nose Center

    hi yep a good tip thank you for shering
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    hi well thats brill keep it up
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    hi and enjoy
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    Hello from Spain

    hi and Welcome