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  1. J

    1/3rd Scale Case Hay Press

    I used George Britnell's plans to build a 3" scale hay press. George's plans scaled up nicely. If anyone is interested, you can find my hay press being driven by a 3" scale Case at
  2. J

    Holding down straps

    Machine & accessories - in Leicester
  3. J

    valve stem turning

    Do a Google search on "hollow Mill". Then make one to suit your needs from drill rod or silver steel, and heat treat it. Basically just a hole of the correct final diameter with milling cutter flutes on the end. In use, go slow with lubrication.
  4. J

    Black Widow V8 patterns available

    The V8 is a fantastic model. I expect to see Dwight's running tomorrow and Sunday at the GGLS openhouse.
  5. J

    Material selection for lathe replacement part

    I would use cast iron. You can buy a satisfactory piece from McMaster-Carr. Speedy Metals also has cast iron.
  6. J

    Deep Drilling In aluminum block

    I think you are going about this exactly right. I had something like this to do and also have a 13 x 36 jet lathe. I made a T-slot table out of a cast iron slab that replaces the top compound and bolted my casting to this. Luckily I had a casting that didn't need drilling. I made a boring...
  7. J

    Yamabond sealed motorcycle cases

    Engine cases are easily split using a single edge razor blade and a small hammer. At least that is the way I do it.
  8. J

    Shop built sparkplugs for model engines

    Corian is just a 70-80% mixture of Alumina and acrylic. For us, that is very fine alumina grinding compound and liquid acrylic (methyl methacrylate). In principle you could just mold your own insulators (and put in the center electrode). Liquid acrylic is available at most art supply stores...
  9. J

    Bronze questions

    According to Google, gunmetal is called red brass in the USA. For boiler bushings in copper boilers I use SAE 660 or 93200 (same thing) which is easy to get at McMaster-Carr, Speedy metals, and Online Metals. For bushings in steel boilers, I use steel bushings.
  10. J

    EDM Build

    I mentioned Dan Mauch just to see if anyone remembered him. Camtronics has been gone for ages but the URL was just posted as a reminder that It once existed and put out plans for a wire EDM. ISTR Dan serializing the EDM in Ciarcia's Circuit Celler about a generation ago. I don't know if the...
  11. J

    1/3 Scale Case Steam engine

    Your observation is not an illusion. I've got a Plastow Burrell and it has a shorter boiler than my friends Case in the same scale. American engines did not always burn wood although they could. They burned the straw in large quantities when running a separator. The straw can't be used as...
  12. J

    EDM Build

    Build a Pulse EDM Machine: The Next Generation, 2011, Ben ... a Pulse EDM Machine: The Next Generation, 2011, Ben Fleming, aFleming Publications, 2011 DOWNLOAD - [Download PDF] Maybe??
  13. J

    EDM Build

    Also, the book "home made tools" has a sinker EDM listed. Possibly this is an RC version by Dan Mauch.
  14. J

    EDM Build

    Have you looked into Dan Mauch and his offerings? I remember him from years ago. The URL I have now comes from a google search:,%20inc_%20--%20CNC%20with%20Dan%20Mauch.htm He was doing EDM and 3d scanning. I found EDM interesting but too...
  15. J

    Melting chromed-brass bathroom fittings

    I've melted bathroom, or plumbing fixtures too, but I try to avoid plated ones. I have a relatively unlimited supply of this stuff from a plumber friend. In case of the plated ones, I boil them in muriatic acid to flash off the chrome and nickel. However, I really don't like plumbing fixtures...
  16. J

    DoAll Bandsaw for Brian

    You would want a VFD if you didn't have 3 phase in your shop and the machine motor was three phase. The VFD is the cheapest way to achieve 3 phase from single phase. So you set the manual variable speed at max and use the the logic circuit in the VFD to turn the machine on and off and vary...
  17. J

    DoAll Bandsaw for Brian

    I think the blade welder current is generated at fairly low voltage through a transformer. Unless that transformer is wound for three phase and says so, it probably runs off single phase. But even if it does run off three phase, I wouldn't want to run it off a VFD. A rotary converter would...
  18. J

    T head engine by Brian

    Don't go too fast on this one....I'm not quite done with the last one :):) I see the flywheels are the same as the last one and I hope the gears are 24 DP since I now have a gear hob for my hobbing machine.
  19. J

    A new attempt at making piston rings

    If you want Nickole inserts, buy them at Cheapest vendor I've found at $19.50. I have a few of these and they are not cheap anywhere but are a good product. I used to use Thinbit but they are beyond my economic interest.
  20. J

    Small Heat Treat Oven

    Don't put your oven controller above your oven where it can fry. Better to locate it underneath the oven or off to the side.