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    What paint to use on Workshop floor?

    I have tried various concrete floor paints on my garage floor none of which lasted. I even followed all the recommended preparation of power washing before and after an acid wash. Finally came up with a cheap solution, I use Tremclad oil based machinery paint and cut it 25% with thinner. The...
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    Press Fits

    Now that we are talking shrink fitting. Does anyone know the formula for shrink fitting bronze bushings Into a cast iron fitting?
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    Said I would never do it.

    Is your mini bike still for sale? can you post a photo? I have a brother that collects motor cycles and bikes who may be interested. John
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    Cut Off Saw & Gear Cutting Arbors

    I am in the market to buy an arbor for a cut off saw and future gear cutting blade for my mill. It appears that as usual there many options I.e. straight arbors that are held in a chuck or collet and R8 tapered arbors and specific hole size arbors and universal ones that will hold blades with...
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    Milling Vise Recommendations

    Thanks for the KBC tip, I didn’t realize this tool supply company existed so close. Question now is, has anyone had experience with a 4” KBC Griplock milling vise? Apparently a Taiwan knock-off of a 4” Kurt at 50% of the price.
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    Milling Vise Recommendations

    I am in the market for a milling vise. A Kurt appears to be the vise of choice but at a premium price. Is there an equivalent economical vice produced that has the same qualities as a Kurt, preferably a Canadian supplier?
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    DRO recommendation for Mill

    Thanks for the detailed reply SHOPSHOE . Still don’t like the idea of drilling and tapping. Has anyone tried holding the scales on with JB Epoxy? A Canadian in Calgary.
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    DRO recommendation for Mill

    I have a new Craftex CX600 mill/drill and would like to install a 3 axis DRO. A couple question:s; 1. Any recommendations on sourcing a suitable DRO. 2. I am baffled on how the scales are attached to the mill. Does this require drilling and tapping the mill frame or is is some other method of...
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    For Sale Late 1960s early 1970s Stuart Casting Kits

    Would appreciate a few pictures and some detail
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    Model generator build from casting kit.

    Where did you purchase this kit? Sorry if you mentioned the source in your in your write up but I missed it if you did.
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    Optical center punch formula

    Nice to see that you are industrious to make your own. I don't have the same patience and just ordered an optical punch set from Flex Bar for $53.00.
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    Optical center punch formula

    Here is an optical center punch that you can purchase at Lee Valley Tools for $64.95. Seems like the answer if you need a punch.
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    My Week this Week, My workshop videos

    Do you do all your spray painting in your shop and if you do, how do you manage to keep the over spray off everything ?
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    T head engine by Brian

    Brian, do you make the valve angle and the seat angle the same? If I remember correctly, there should be a couple of degrees difference so that there is a minimum contact point. John
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    T head engine by Brian

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your mother Brian, that is a milestone that not many of us ever reach. Hope she is well and enjoys the party. John
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    T head engine by Brian

    Brian, what diameter are the flywheels? I have some steel casters that I bought from Princess Auto that might work, 3" dia. with 1 1/2" flange and 4" dia. with 2" flange. I would give them to you but the postage might cost more than they are worth. John Leeds
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    T head engine by Brian

    Brian, when you get time I would be interested in knowing what equipment is required to cut gears. Bevel gears obviously must use a different technique and cutter? You seem to make it sound so simple but I am thinking it is only be because you know what you are doing, but it is still a...
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    T head engine by Brian

    Brian did I miss something but Is that a second cylinder sitting on the bench beside your project? John
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    Wanted 1" or 2" case traction engine

    I don!t think you have a Case boiler unless the builder installed the steam dome in the wrong location. The steam dome on a Case is located further down the boiler not over the fire box.
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    Attention! Rancid with other word hardened and unuseful grease in semi-universal dividing head BS-0, BS-1, universal dividing head BS-2.

    On the farm (65 years ago) we always head a can of lard beside the Post Drill to use when drilling in steel. Seemed to work well then but haven't used it since moving to the city.