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    Stephenson’s Rocket

    I Googled this and found another thread on another site and in it a reply mentioned a book "The Engineering and History of Rocket" by Michael Bailey. I found this on Amazon and ordered a used one for under $35. The reviews stated there is enough information to build one. So will be finding out...
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    Stephenson’s Rocket

    This was one of my plastic model kits I built some 50 years ago. I have aspired to build one every since. I found this on Amazon as a wood kit, for $42 E with 20 dollars shipping, with one being built in a video on YouTube. I think I will order one and keep it for a someday build, as I have...
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    1913 Fairbanks Morse Tractor

    I have thought of building a tractor in scale for many years. Back in the 90s I knew an old man from Iowa who had scaled and built a Rumely Oilpull. I had pictures some where. It was maybe 18" long. He used the crystals from Pezo lighters and made mini Wico mags. I really liked that Rumely. I...
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    Looking for ball monitor engine casting set with plans. Aluminum or bronze castings are acceptablee

    Minicastings is an eBay dealer that made the Monitor PJ, scale of the 1 1\4 hp pump jack. I think they were brass. He also had a 3/8 scale of a 2 hp. And he is in Ohio. Then there was Pacific Model Design who had a 1/3 scale of a 4 hp. He had some really nice kits of several engines...
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    A new attempt at making piston rings

    I could agree that 20 pages is enough. But it really goes to show how we all are infatuated with the subject of rings. I finally joined the site so I could comment on the subject matter. At 18 yo, I made drawings, wood patterns and cast my own kits starting back in 1980. It always amazed me...
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    A new attempt at making piston rings

    I make castings in cast iron. I can mail you a sprue to make rings and pistons from if you like. What size bore do you have. Most of my sprues are under 1.250. As far as material, you may have gotten something bad. Some people use window weights. They claim the no 2 cast springs wider...
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    A new attempt at making piston rings

    Brian, I am a new member here. Have read posts here a few years now, I belong to several web pages and have not taken the time to post everywhere. I always liked making rings, so this thread has caught my eye. Several things come to my mind to try and help you along. Sorry I have not the...