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    Tilt Body Indexer

    Does anybody knows how to get these plans? Must of the projects I rally like seem to be in past issues. Getting all four of these issues does not look feasible.
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    Parting tool chatter

    I have been toying with this idea for a while and finally got it done. The cutoff toll you see in the pictures is a piece of a woodworking carbide tipped saw blade. the holder is mild steel with a V grove top and bottom. Originally I was going to use a 60 deg dovetail cutter but the one I have...
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    Relocating head on round column mill

    Bummer. I was very proud of "my idea"... :)
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    Relocating head on round column mill

    Mark Lecuye (That lazy machinist) used the laser with a vertical line method on one of his videos. I have never done it but it occurred to me that if you put a mirror on the other end of the room and make the laser hit the same spot back on the mill head, you would double your accuracy without...
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    How to attach a sight glass?

    Policarbonate will become brittle in the presence of hydrocarbons (gas, oil, etc).