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    finished my hoglet

    Here is my completed Hoglet. Took me about a year of on and off work. Here's video Thanks Ron
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    hoglet cam help

    I have been pouring over all the reference material I can find on making cams, both in print and web based. I can't seem to be able to determine how to make the hoglet cams. I want to make them on the lathe as I don't have a good boring head for my mill. The cam blank is .465 with a base...
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    My 1st IC Engine

    Here is a video of my very first IC engine. It is a Mastiff Designed by L.C. Mason in England in the 70s. It is a flat 4cyl boxer 4 stroke. I did away with the points and put in a Hall Effect ignition. Got the circuit form this board. From the thread " a new ignition circuit". Ron
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    Spark Plugs

    I'm trying to make some 1/4-32 plugs to George Britnells design and I can't figure out the electrode length versus the insulator length. It appears that they are the same length. I know full size plugs have the electrode a little than the insulator. Is it ok to have the electrode the same...
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    How to ? Hall effect

    I have my electrical parts for my Hall Effect ignition. Now I need advice on how to set it up. I have been searching youtube and the web for mounting setups and such but can't find much except for demos on how the mag effects the sensor I plan on mounting the hall sensor on the side of...
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    Scrap Yard Shocker!!

    Went my local scap yard and picked up 11 lbs of brass/bronze. $44.00+ Tax. At this price I might just as well buy new stuff, I think. Have to check prices online I guess. Man, I almost had another heart attack. He's the only game in town so I guess he can do what he wants. Ron
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    graphite Packing ?

    How do you install graphite packing on steam engine pistons? My Simplex Loco pistons have 2 grooves, 1/8th wide by 3/16 in deep for packing to get the pistons steam tight but I know nothing about how to go about it. For instance, how much friction should the piston have on initial...
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    Diy Mill Table Power Feed

    I got a Grizzly G0704 Mill in March and have been doing some mods to it, such as the 3 bolt head and the tramming blocks on the tilting head. I put Igaging digital read outs on the X and Y axis also. The mill compliments my Grizzly 10 x 22 Lathe. Today I finished a DIY table Power...
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    table heigth on mill

    Could some one with Grizzly G0704 mill please tell me the height of the table from the floor? With mill mounted on the supplied stand. And the height of the stand? I am trying to see if I need to make a riser of some sort to get the table to a good working height for me. My mill should be here...
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    New Mill/drill

    I just now ordered a Grizzly G0704 Mill, 4" vice,clamp set and 12 piece R-8 collet set from Grizzly. Also ordered a 6" horizontal/vertical rotory table and a spin indexer with tailstock from e-bay. There went the old budget. ;D ;D Now just have to finish up the "honey doooos" that allowed me...
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    Happy Birthday America th_wav th_wav th_wav Ron
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    Visiting Mesa,AZ

    I'm in Mesa,AZ for a wedding and was wanting to know where a good scrap metal yard might be located. Looking for brass/bronze mainly. Just want to check out prices and look for deals. ;D ;D ;D Any thing Model Engineering related really. Will be going back home the 8th of June. Ron
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    Help with Loctite 640

    I used this product to quarter my loco wheels about 3 weeks ago. I thougbht I had them quartered right alas no joy. >:( I decided to try and get them apart by whacking the end of the axle with the wheels supported close to the axle. I was afraid it wouldn't work because the I thought it was...
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    Simplex Boiler

    I have been able to scrounge up some 4" ID copper pipe for the Simplex boiler but the plans call for 4 1/2 " ID. Will a 4" ID boiler produce the needed power for the cyl? The cyls are 1 1/2" dia bore by 2 1/8" stroke. Will I need A smaller bore and are there any other things I need to be...
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    Locktight for loco wheels

    What kind of clearance between axle and wheel bore should I have to locktight 5 guage wheels to the axles? This is for my Simplex. Ron
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    I have a virus

    I have a virus that has made my e-mail part of a spam botnet. I have kept everything up to date. Security software and windows. I run Vista. Grandson says the virus is so new that virus software doesn't recognize it yet so when run a scan it doesn't show up. It started Oct 1st or 2nd. My...
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    Shrink Fit tolerences Again

    I'm milling my "Simplex "wheels out of aluminum and going to fit steel tires on them. My question is what should my wheel dia end up to get a good shrink fit from the steel tire? The wheel will have a dia. of 4.125. So what should the ID of the tire be? 4.124, 4.123. less, like 4.1245? The...
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    Repair Bandsaw Blades

    I tore some teeth off of my 4 x6 band saw and really didn't want to go buy another one as I had 3 broken blades in the shop. While perusing DrJs' Site, http://dr-john.org/ he showed how he repaired his saw blades so I copied the idea. I grabbed some angle iron and milled a step on it and...
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    Boring Head

    As I promised in “Question and Answers” section here are pics of my boring head. The little 4-40 screw goes through the set screw hole for the horizontal boring bar and sits in a counter sunk hole to screw the brass 1/4-20 nut to the slide. The brass nut sits in the pocket that was...
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    need help with math problem

    I am building a boring head and need some help with the feed screw graduation markings. I am using a 1/4- 20 feed screw and as I am no math whiz I need to know how far the slide will move with one revolution of the feed screw so I can come up with some sort of graduation markings. 1 thru 10, 1...