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    Turning large thin-wall tubing

    Large & thin wall as in 4 inch diameter, 1/8 inch wall, acrylic tube. Any attempt to just put it in a chuck results in a severely distorted tube. I'm thinking that I should either turn a piece that fits just inside the tube or making a cross-bar jack thingie. The turned piece has bonus of...
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    LTD Stirling

    If things work out, this is going to be a really excruciatingly slow build thread for a low temperature differential (AKA "coffee cup") Stirling. If not it'll be yet another abandoned thread. It's going to be a "Plans? Yes, I'm planning to build an engine!" sort of build. But I am looking...
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    Repair cast iron?

    These are two of the four jaws from an old Taig (I think) 4-jaw chuck that I've been abusing by using it on a much larger lathe than it was intended for. As you can see, I broke the tab off of one. I've got a new four-jaw chuck on order, but before I repurpose the chuck adaptor for that chuck...
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    Where to buy acrylic sheet in the US?

    Kinda off-topic, because I really need to know for work, but: Who's good for acrylic sheet in the US? I'm thinking of some place that's your go-to, the same way that I buy steel from either Online Metals or McMaster. I just need small amounts -- half a square foot in the thicknesses I need...
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    How do I order inserts for this?

    I have this bit set, it says "uses TT inserts", and "3/8 inch inscribed circle". But that's it. But when I search for "TT insert" I don't find anything (except that bit set). I did find this useful page that seems to indicate that I can maybe work out the inscribed circle. Can I just get...
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    Threading a long rod and keeping it straight.

    I'm trying to make needle valves per the drawing below, and I keep screwing up the spraybar. Basically, I get a nice machined straight brass rod, but as soon as I thread it I end up with a nice, threaded, gracefully bent, brass rod. How do people do this? I'm currently using a die in a...
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    eBay impulse buy

    I have no excuse -- because I currently don't have the skills to complete the engine, nor the time. I'm going to start on it after I've made one or two piston/liner sets, and maybe built one from billet. Or I'm gonna die of old age, leaving my kids to wonder what the heck to do with it...
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    Cleaning lapping compound

    I've had a semi-completed project sitting on my bench for about six years while Life happened. Around in 2012, I took a Cox TD which (I thought!) just needed a bit of lapping, or perhaps a new piston built. It turned out that the piston and cylinder were oval, and the con-rod and crank were...