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  1. J

    Machining pillars

    Good day all, Faced with the problem of making 6 pillars with equal length for the "Husky" engine I am building I came up with the idea shown in pics attached. I had tried something similar when making the "River Queen" using a split bush. That worked but not as well as this. Apologies if this...
  2. J

    Free ball bearings

    Good day all, I recently posted the offer below on Model Boat Mayhem - no takers - so if anyone here can use some . . . Having, for a number of years, been involved in servicing digital readout equipment (much of it from the Chinese company Easson) I find I have accumulated a considerable...
  3. J

    Grizzly Stirling H8101

    Good day all, Having seen a recent thread querying info on the subject model, I found the manual containing the drawings and downloaded it. It seems to build into quite a nice project but a couple of the parts are not included with the package. The one, the hot cylinder, is not too much of a...
  4. J

    Sparey 5cc. plans

    Good day all, I've been stooging around some old copies of Aeromodeller magazine (circa 1943/44). There is quite a lot of correspondence about L.H. Sparey's design for a 5/6cc. engine, including a GA drawing showing the concept. Does anyone out there know if he ever published the plans to make...
  5. J

    Testing - posting a video

    Good day, If anyone gets to read this and views the attached video then I guess it worked. If not, please tell me what to do. Ok - I just tried to attach the file - all I could see in the folder were some jpg pictures. My camera (an Olympus) takes movies with a .MOV filename extension and...
  6. J

    First IC engine

    Good day all, I am looking to maybe build an IC engine. This would be my first. One of the plans that I have looked at is Roy Clough's "Little Dragon". However I don't particularly want to have the glow plug. Has anyone built this engine for compression ignition? Would it be a major problem to...
  7. J

    Scaling Stirling Engine?

    Good day all, I have been considering for some time building a Stirling engine but the difficulty has arisen what to use as the displacer piston. The plan suggests an aluminium cigar tube (not an option) so have been looking for a substitute. I have now found a suitable part, however it is...
  8. J

    Milling attachment for lathe

    Hi all, I am just beginning to get into model engineering, presently half way through building a simple oscillating steam engine. I have a generic sort of Chinese centre lathe - swing over the bed 240mm. x 600mm. between centres. I have neither funds nor space for a milling machine and I am...