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    Wizard lathe restoration

    I have started this thread so as not to add to the Adept for a 5 year old postings. This wizard was in a por state when I got it. However with a bit of time and a little money it as become a useful tool even though a bit on the small size.
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    BFE65 milling machine with DRO

    I am selling my Hobbymat BFE 65 Milling machine complete with a 3 axis DRO. It is being advertised on eBay item number 143521707631
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    Part machined cast iron loco wheels

    I have for sale on eBay 8 part machined loco wheels. The item number is 142785082428 The item goes live at 19.30 BST today. John
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    Gunmetal and brass castings for sale

    I have placed an item for sale on eBay as I just couldn't manage to post a picture on the forum. The eBay item number is 142782689396. Please PM me if interested. John
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    Tyre pressure inflating gauge

    This device seems to have a problem with the air control valve. The pressure gauge reading creeps up from zero to the inlet pressure when not being used to inflate a tyre. I suspect the control valve is not as it should be. I am reluctant to dismantle to investigate as I don't know how it has...
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    My boiler for 2 1/2" Toby

    My Toby boiler photos. It does not look too pretty but it is leak proof up to 200psi. I have to thank Tony Bird for his help during the construction and testing, thanks Tony. John
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    My boiler for 2 1/2" Toby

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    Searching for ideas

    Having a few thoughts kicking around in my head and not getting anywhere, I did a web search and found this site www.freepatentsonline.com Hadn't come across it before and have just spent ages looking through different inventions. Following the recent deletion of a topic I looked up 6508315 and...
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    There has not been any postings by Bogstandard for a while, are you OK John? John
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    Warco 180 lathe

    Just to run through the recent events with my Warco WM180, the variable speed control no longer controlled the spindle speed down to zero. The top end was OK but it would not go below approx 200rpm. One thing led to another and while the head area was partly dismantled I made measurements of the...
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    Hi John, I have sent you an email to <deleted> Don't know if this is your current email address. John
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    Warco WM180 motor control

    I am trying to find information about the motor control circuit board fitted to my Warco WM180 lathe. The user speed control on the front of the lathe used to take the chuck speed down to zero as suggested by the speed selection label however now I can not reduce the speed below 200rpm. There...
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    Mill table lock handles

    For a long time I have put up with locking screws for my mill table X and Y slide ways being turned by an Allen key. As you can imagine this is a PITA especially when the key just doesn't want to go in the screw's socket head. My solution was to make a steel body with the cap head screw pressed...
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    Another Clock Related tool

    Is it a device to hold a screw by its head for machining? John