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  1. weir-smith

    Fairbanks Morse R80

    I am progressing with the build of the Fairbanks - Morse three cylinder R80 engine. A number of these engines have been built over the years altho the castings are no longer available. I am building mine from bar stock which makes the build that more complex. I am at the stage of machining the...
  2. weir-smith

    Fairbanks Morse R80 - 3 cylinder

    I am in the process of building the Fairbanks Morse R80 having completed the bottom half which forms the sump and the base for the cylinders. While the drawings that I have show a number of oilers, there is no detail as to how or what they feed. My main concern is how are the crankshaft...
  3. weir-smith

    True Solid Injection Diesel

    There has been discussion on these pages regarding the building of a true diesel however, the stumbling block is the fuel system and making something that is approximately to scale. I tend to build one-sixth scale (not to big or small). I started this project building a trial engine to see if it...
  4. weir-smith

    Fairbanks Morse R80 Three Cylinder Engine

    I am currently well on the way to build an airblast diesel engine and as a result, I am looking to the next project. I have seen on this forum, completed models of the Fairbanks Morse R80 three cylinder gas engine or similar. My question is, does anyone know where drawings or technical...
  5. weir-smith

    Air Blast Injection Diesel

    I have made some progress with this engine however, because I am trying to create a high finish to the model (as good a finish within my capabilities) the going has been slow with some parts being made twice. In my last post, I showed that most of the material parts were available which included...
  6. weir-smith

    Air Blast Injection Diesel - Update

    Since I last made a posting on my new project, being a scale model of a single cylinder vertical air blast injection diesel, based on the original displayed in the Diesel House Museum in Copenhagen. Approximately 50% of the drawings are completed with mostly the detail ones outstanding. The...
  7. weir-smith

    Single cylinder air blast injection diesel engine

    The building of any form of model diesel is no mean feat for anyone. However, I have started on a new project to build a 1:6 scale of the DM 104 single cylinder diesel. It is a vertical engine with an auxiliary compressor running off the main shaft. See attached photograph taken in the Danish...
  8. weir-smith

    CNC Router for Cutting Steel

    I have always had an interest in cnc and my project started out when I was given a couple of stepper motors. Six months later, my machine is complete and is working better than I ever expected. I should state up front that I make small parts for model engines the current project being a true...
  9. weir-smith

    Rectilinear Engine

    Last year, I was challenged to build an engine that was different to the usual. I found a couple of old photos in a modeling magazine of a cross engine which was a version of James Booth original. The build was completed over a month in hobby hours and with the usual few adjustments to timing...
  10. weir-smith

    True Diesel Engine

    I am in the process of building a true fuel injected engine by trial and mostly error and have made some progress. The basic engine is completed being a water cooled single cylinder 40mm x 80mm stroke and a compression ratio of 20 to 1. My problems started when I designed my first fuel pump...
  11. weir-smith

    Mary Beam Engine Completed

    The Mary Beam Engine, this engine came to me as a box of parts that had been part machined by Wallace (Wally) Sutherland who was a toolmaker living in Portknockie in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. He started making the Mary in January 2001 and worked on it until the diagnosis of his cancer in early...