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  1. Brian Rupnow

    Geared horizontal twin engine

    I have always thought that the most elegant cross head guides I've ever seen were on the Popcorn engine, as designed a few years ago by Stu Hart of the U.K. Stu done the original in metric, then I took his drawings and basically redrew them in imperial inch size. I changed very little, and it...
  2. Brian Rupnow

    Moving my lathe

    A week ago, my lathe quit. This was very upsetting, because it had just quit about 2 or 3 months ago, and had to be taken to Toronto for repairs. Fortunately, the safety switch inside the change gear cover had slipped out of adjustment, so my cost was negligible, but the hardest part was getting...
  3. Brian Rupnow

    Building the Trevithick engine

    The Trevithick was a train engine built in or about 1805. It did prove that it could carry ten tons of freight as well as passengers for a short period of time, but was so heavy that it kept breaking the tracks. Other associated failures, and then finally a boiler explosion which killed four men...
  4. Brian Rupnow

    Big changes at the Rupnow Ranch

    Now that I am finished machining for a while, I decided that it was time for a major office upgrade. I was running out of room to display all of my engines, and the cheap laminate flooring that I put in ten years ago had totally lost it's surface in the area where my computer chair rolls around...
  5. Brian Rupnow

    Tubing Expander

    Someone posted about a new tool used to expand copper tubing.I was quite taken with this tool and how it worked, so of course I had to make one and try it. There is a description of the tool in the write-up which accompanies the video. Very neat trick!!
  6. Brian Rupnow

    Lathe Moving Dolly

    This is going to be a new, short term project. Thursday my lathe broke down--something electrical. It is a heavy lathe, weighing about 400 pounds. I managed to move the lathe and the cabinets it is mounted on from my machine shop, thru my office, out into my main garage, where I unbolted the...
  7. Brian Rupnow

    Stephenson's Rocket--Working Model

    I am not really a model train buff. I know that any number of people are, and get great joy from model trains, but they have never really interested me that much. However---I have always been intrigued by Stephenson's Rocket, which was the first or second commercial train engine driven by...
  8. Brian Rupnow


    Having computer issues today.
  9. Brian Rupnow

    Know where your fingers are---

    I recently gave my 40 year old son a skill saw that I had inherited from my dad. I have my own skillsaw and didn't need two of them. The advice I gave him was to "Know where your fingers are every time you turn this saw on". This is indeed a creed to live by. I'm 73 years old, and amazingly I...
  10. Brian Rupnow

    Thumper--a 1 3/8" bore i.c. engine

    I have developed the concept and plans for this engine over the last couple of days, under a thread titled "A different engine configuration". Now that the plans are 95% blocked out, I am going to create this new thread dealing with the actual fabrication of the engine. You are all invited to...
  11. Brian Rupnow

    A different engine configuration

    Has anyone seen an i.c. engine which operates with the crankshaft being driven by a "Bell Crank"? The closest I have seen to this is the Rockerblock engine which I designed and built a few years ago. I'm casting about looking for a new engine to design and build, and I don't remember seeing this...
  12. Brian Rupnow

    Flywheel with integrated fan

    I wish I could build a flywheel like this. The flywheel would revolve clockwise. Air on the far side of the flywheel would be pulled thru the angled holes and blow onto the air cooled cylinder on the near side of the flywheel---I think. Looks like it would be a job for cnc. Might be kind of a...
  13. Brian Rupnow

    Throttle governed engine

    This is going to be something a bit different. Most of you will have a fairly good knowledge of how a hit and miss engine runs. On a hit and miss engine, the governor disables the exhaust valve when the pre-set rpm is surpassed, holding the exhaust valve open and letting the engine coast until...
  14. Brian Rupnow

    New Milling Vice

    Yesterday, my faithful old "tilt-a whirl" vice broke. The main casting broke cleanly into two pieces. It wasn't perhaps the greatest vice in the world, but it has served me well for 11 years. The moveable jaw kicked up a bit when tightened, so you had to be sure to give whatever it was holding a...
  15. Brian Rupnow

    Old School Sawmill Edger

    I'm all "engined out". I've been thinking about something to build and run with one of my engines. I already have a sawmill, a buzz saw, a steam donkey winch, a drag saw and a wood splitter. I have been thinking of an edger. Once a log has went thru the main-saw in a sawmill, the resulting...
  16. Brian Rupnow

    Private Messages

    How do I get to my messages on this website?---Brian EDIT--Nevermind---I found it.
  17. Brian Rupnow

    Auto Reversing Winch

    After completing the vertical hit and miss engine, I have tried three or four different ways to make the engine go in and out of "hit and miss" no load operation and "only hit-no miss" loaded operation. Some of the things I tried were successful, but they demanded that I be part of the...
  18. Brian Rupnow

    Heavy duty die holder

    I have a story to tell. It starts out very sad, but it has a happy ending. My old die holder, which was a hand me down from my father, gave up the ghost. It was a junky piece, part of a junky set, and I wasn't sad when it finally died. I went over to my tooling supplier, and bought a nice brand...
  19. Brian Rupnow

    School me on engine starters

    Up until this point I have built my engines with no provision for starters except a "starter hub" which bolts to one end of the crankshaft and is engaged by my 3/8" variable speed drill. I am now thinking about a "built in" starter which becomes part of the engine package. It would have to be...
  20. Brian Rupnow

    Run Away Engine

    Run-Away Engine. Back about a thousand years ago, when I was thirteen or so, I had an intense fascination for small gas engines. This wasn’t a totally bad thing, because hydroelectricity had only reached the part of Ontario that I lived in about three years before that. Just about every house...