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  1. almega

    Plan to build....steam!!

    There are a number of different sites that offer free or low cost plans for steam engines. I know you mentioned vertical but the link below is a relatively simple horizontal that would be a good starter, no castings required, or you could build a wobbler if you wanted something even less...
  2. almega

    Online Metals Flat Rate Shipping

    I am not aware that they do and I would think it to be unusual for them to have drops since they sell in small lengths including custom cuts if you don't need a 12" increment. That said, I have occasionally seen on their site offers of "Miscellaneous Boxes" which maybe comprised of drops. Just...
  3. almega

    Online Metals Flat Rate Shipping

    I love these guys and fortunately for me they have a distribution center about 15 minutes from me so I use the "Will Call" option and just go pick it up. If I order early in the morning, sometimes I can pick up that afternoon. Otherwise it is usually the next day.
  4. almega

    Total Eclipse April 8th, 2024 - Arkansas

    Hi Scott M. I'm also a Scott M and I am over near Perrysburg, Ohio and near the center on the opposite side as you. As of last night's weather report it appears we may have nearly clear viewing at the time of totality. Of the thousands of hotel rooms in our area as of yesterday there were only...
  5. almega

    Is this rod appropriate for piston rings & cylinder liners?

    Iron would be too brittle for that tool, so it is definitely going to be steel of some kind.
  6. almega

    Building a twin cylinder inline i.c. engine.

    Regarding your engine testing, it seems like everything on the individual cylinders is okay mechanically and electrically. Seems like the only other possible variable is the fuel-air mixture in the cylinder. Unless the timing is off on the one cylinder when the spark plug fires.
  7. almega

    Building a twin cylinder inline i.c. engine.

    Is this what we used to call white gas? That is what I used to put in my Coleman stove and lantern.
  8. almega

    Building a twin cylinder inline i.c. engine.

    Hi Brian - A little off the actual topic, but what is Naptha gas and where do you get it? What are the advantages of using it?
  9. almega

    Threading and the compound angle.

    I have threaded both ways, at 29 degrees and perpendicular and the final results can be similar. For the most part I leave my compound set at 29 degrees and then adjust any angles of cut not involving threading by pivoting my QCTC. I just find it easier to be more precise when cutting threads...
  10. almega

    Building a twin cylinder inline i.c. engine.

    I also found this little guy on Amazon. Maybe a bit pricey but it is small.
  11. almega

    Building a twin cylinder inline i.c. engine.

    Hi Brian - I can't help with the distributor but I wanted to know where you get your spark plugs. The work looks great as usual from you.
  12. almega

    Hand cramping and arthritis

    I saw that right away. Same with me, I just moved away from guttony.
  13. almega

    Hello from Toledo, Ohio

    Welcome, Farmerjohn. I think you will find the group interesting and an opportunity to learn some things that may help you out. BTW, I am not far from you as I live just outside of Monclova.
  14. almega

    My shop

    Perhaps you could write to Jay Leno and he may respond.
  15. almega

    My shop

    I don't have CNC on the mill, just a DRO, otherwise everything I have is manually operated. A lot of CNC equipment in my past, very precise and very efficient but I now enjoy the journey as much as the finished products made manually.
  16. almega

    My shop

    I feel so inadequate after seeing that shop. I keep mine "relatively" clean, as in I vacuum up the chips frequently, so as not to track them upstairs into the house. (A VERY BIG NO-NO!) This is what it normally looks like. It is well lit, warm and dry.
  17. almega

    Preserve spare tools

    I also buy spares when I buy tooling. I generally coat the spares with little light oil such as Mystery Oil or gun oil and place in a small zip lock bag if loose or the tube they came in. I have my shop in the basement and I have a small dehumidifier there and I don't seem to have a rusting...
  18. almega

    What have you been doing today?

    Once the ends are soldered into the body, could you not just carefully chuck the tank in the lathe with the outside protected from marring by the jaws, and turn the joint area to blend it while at the same time removing any exterior exposed or extra solder? That would result in a smooth...
  19. almega

    Introducing myself as a new member of HMEM.

    Welcome aboard. Lots of good people here with lots of good advise. I have had a G0759 for about 7 years now and it has been very accurate and I have had no problems. It is not a Bridgeport and so you have to be cognizant of its power and work envelope limitations. For my lathe I found an older...
  20. almega

    Bore Gauge

    The method I had been taught to by our QC guys and is, I believe the same as described by mnay above. A little tutorial is detailed if you go to this link: