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    What have you been doing today?

    I had carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists, about a year apart, and it made a tremendous difference in pain in my hands, wrists and also my arms. Well worth doing, but do the PT and exercises recommended to help recovery.
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    Be silent or Forum !!

    I appreciate corrections to postings if they are factual and can be backed up with evidence or references, and are done politely.
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    What have you been doing today?

    Apparently birds (such as pet canaries or parrots) can be killed by fumes from overheated Teflon pans. Not having either a bird in the house or any non-stick pans (except old well seasoned cast iron), I can't verify this personally, but it makes me wary of heating anything containing Teflon.
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    Facebook. Good? or bad? Useful?

    I've been on Facebook for almost 20 years. I use it primarily for a few tool collector and shop groups where some very knowledgeable people post good information. I have had variable luck with Face Book Marketplace to sell or buy things. At least half the time I get no response to my...
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    What have you been doing today?

    We put a "lifetime" standing seam metal roof on our 120 year old house, even though we probably wouldn't outlive an asphalt shingle roof. We also bought what will probably be the last automobile we will ever need to purchase, barring accidents. And I occasionally use tools that were my...
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    Boiler for putting around in small dinghy.

    In the past I made a coil of copper tubing to fit around the stovepipe of a wood stove to heat water. I made a form using a coffee can filled with cement, and I filled the tubing with dry sand and left the ends long so I could crimp them and later cut off the crimped ends . It worked well and...
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    Budget HSS lathe tool grinder

    There is a 3 part article online about using a belt sander to sharpen lathe cutters, and a related article about modifying a belt sanding, including making a better table and other modifications.
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    Book reprints after Lindsay

    I have looked at many of the scanned versions online, but I am not interested in reading them completely online. I am interested in hard copies of good quality books, and my question, as I mentioned, is about the quality of the available reprints, especially some of the publishers that I...
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    Book reprints after Lindsay

    I did buy a number of Lindsay books from someone else, probably the seller you are thinking of, and they had a final clear out sale awhile ago, with quite a limited selection of books. I'm hoping that at least one of the newer publishers is producing books up to the standards of Lindsay. His...
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    Book reprints after Lindsay

    When I look at online sources of used/new books, I find that since Lindsay quite publishing his top quality reprints, there are a number of other new to me companies offering reprints of many titles similar to what Lindsay offered in the past. Has anyone here had experience with any of these...
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    Hello from Minneapolis

    Welcome. I'm just a bit east of you in Wisconsin. I just putter around trying to get my shop in usable shape after moving into town.
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    Hand cramping and arthritis

    We discovered that my wife is sensitive (allergic?) to corn and that took years to figure out. If you think that dairy is in a lot of products, check labels for anything corn based. Lots of times " food starch " is corn starch but isn't clearly identified. And then corn syrup is in almost...
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    For Sale SOLD................FREE---The Home Shop Machinist Magazines. (36)

    That's my experience also. You'd think there could be an age limit for magazines. But an old catalog is okay to send media mail as far as I can tell.
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    For Sale SOLD................FREE---The Home Shop Machinist Magazines. (36)

    As far as I know, magazines can't be sent Media Mail.
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    Preserve spare tools

    I have used LPS-3 in the past, such as when I got my SB 9 lathe and had to leave it in the pole shed for a year before moving. Sprayed it down good and left it on a pallet loosely wrapped in plastic in the shed, and it kept any rust from starting. I still have LPS-3 in the shop and would still...
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    Preserve spare tools

    I've been using Fluid Film with good results. It's lanolin based, and the spray cans are available on Amazon, in big box stores, etc., in the US. I've also used Boeshield on small parts but it is more expensive and harder to find.
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    New lathe next week.

    We moved into town last year, from a farm with lots of buildings where we had been for almost 34 years. It has taken us over 3 years so far because of selling/donating/junking lots of stuff. It's hard to decide what I will use, what I think I will use, what I hope to use, what has sentimental...
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    Removing pulley from a motor spindle

    I'm assuming that when you say "1/8" hex set screw" you mean an internal hex or Allen screw. If so, be sure you are using the exact correct size wrench in good condition, and carefully clean out the hex in the screw head to minimize the chance of stripping or damaging that internal hex. You...
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    Foundry equipment at local Wis. auction

    In case anyone in western Wisconsin (USA) is interested in foundry equipment. It is in Menomonie, WI, about an hour east of St Paul, MN, and ends Aug 23. I haven't had a chance to stop and look at it yet, so I only know what is shown in the listing. Foundry Kit Jim
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    George Thomas book, The Model Engineer's Workshop Manual

    My total cost for the book including shipping and sales tax was just under $55. I didn't find it listed at TEE publishing so I got it through Amazon. The times I have checked TEE, their shipping charges discouraged me.