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  1. Fireworksant

    Simplex 5 Inch restauration/rebuild

    Here I start my construction report about my Simplex in 5 inch constructed from Martin Evans in the 1960s. They originally comes from england and was build in the 1970s and in the old boilerbook are comments from there until the late 1980s. Than it comes nothing more. The builder is unknown...
  2. Fireworksant

    Hello from Germany :)

    That pleases me. My hobby is relatively rare in Germany in my age group, but im happy with it and it makes me happy. Dein deutsch ist gut. Ich verstehe dich gut.;) Wo hast du deutsch gelernt? Yes. It's the Echtdampfhallentreffen 2021 (translatet: livesteam hall meeting). It's the biggest...
  3. Fireworksant

    Hello from Germany :)

    Thats the plan.
  4. Fireworksant

    Hello from Germany :)

    Thanks for all the welcome-wishes.
  5. Fireworksant

    Hello from Germany :)

    Hello everyone. My name is Ferdinand and I com from Thuringia in Germany. I'm 16 jears old. For now I'm a student but from autumn I learn in the Dampflokwerk Meiningen, the last workshop that reebuild steam locomotives in westeurope the job industrial mechanic/locksmith. ( Dampflokwerk Meiningen...