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    Hello from Michigan

    Don’t care. Not sending my $2000 to some Chinese person who already has enough American money. Problem with this world is a bunch of spineless losers sold it all to the lowest bidder about 40 years ago (China.) Most of societies current problems wouldn‘t exist if China hadn’t scammed and conned...
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    Hello from Michigan

    Thanks. Would love to start a project. Can’t find a Unimat 3 that isn’t super inflated prices (thanks ebay and the wave of retiring boomers with all the money.) My budget is less than $2000, which I had hoped would include the basic intro tooling. Nope, not enough. Society wants more more more...
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    Wanted WTB: Unimat 3, BEGGING for help.

    Looking for a unimat 3 lathe, ideally with the mill attachment. There has to be some old timers here with a machine they hardly use anymore. Why not sell it to a depressed young American male with a bleak sense of what horrors his future holds? You aren’t going to live forever, when you die...
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    Hello from Michigan

    Howdy everyone. I’m a younger adult, dealing with pretty sever depression and anhedonia whose is desperately trying to find something to occupy my free time everyday so I stop worrying about how bleak my future is looking—unmarried (zero chance of every dating again cause I’ve gotten fat and...