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    Drawings for Shaefer's Little York

    Hi George, e-mail on the way, thanks, Kirk
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    Drawings for Shaefer's Little York

    Thanks George, I appreciate it. Kirk
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    Drawings for Shaefer's Little York

    Hello, I don't know exactly how those copyright laws work, I have been trying to get in touch with Ministeam, who, I think are or were the suppliers of this casting set. They still mention the drawings on their site, but it says they are out of stock. I hope to hear from them soon. I would be...
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    Drawings for Shaefer's Little York

    Hello, I am searching for the drawings for a Shaefer's Little York casting kit I got a couple years ago. I was able to find out which engine it is thanks to members here. I have been trying to contact Ministeam but only get an answering machine, I have sent e-mails to their addy and not...
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    Drawings for a Shaefer Little York

    A year or so ago, I bought a set of castings online, they arrived without any drawings. It has taken this long to identify the casting set and I now know I have a Shaefer's Little York casting set. I did an online search and came up with Mini Steam as a source, but they seem to have disappeared...
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    I have been lurking here for over a year, Now it's time to introduce myself.

    I am a 79 year old self taught hobby machinist. I bought my first lathe when I was 16 along with some tools and a complete set of ICS stationary Engineers training books. Those books were my teacher and instructor! and are still great reference books. Now I have a fairly complete shop set up in...
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    pinion gears

    I an working on my version of the same traction engine, For gears on mine I went with 24DP 60 tooth for the bull gears and 8 teeth for the pinions, worked out great, and cheaper than the time to cut my own.
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    1/4 scale International M

    Hello, I have wanted to do a similar build. I have 3 sets of sleeves and pistons left over from a Renault Caravelle rebuild they have roughly a 2" bore. And will take a fairly long stroke. I thought that the M engine would be a good place to use them. Now all I need is time! What is the bore...
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    Rick, That would be a Rumley Oil Pull, They were a well known manufacturer back in the 1920's I believe they were bought out by Allis Chalmers. That should be a water cooled engine from the looks of it, at least I can't see any cooling fins on the cylinder, and the square box on the front served...
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    die filer from scrollsaw?

    Ed, There is no need to "cut up the Craftsman scroll saw. Just remove the overarm and mount your filke in the chuck. They were made for double duty when they were new. There should be a nut, about a 3/4 on the back side of the overarm that removes it.