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  1. Workshop Adventures

    Warco Mill Question

    Hi, I'm thinking about getting the Warco WM18 or WM18B, anyone got one?, what is good/ not good about them. Should I look at something different? Cheers C
  2. Workshop Adventures

    Boiler for a Monitor

    Hi, Newbie question, how do you workout the size of boiler needed to power a curtain size steam engine? I'm building a monitor steam engine and would like to build a boiler to match? Thank you
  3. Workshop Adventures

    My first project Monitor Steam Engine

    Update: Well I've added to the fame and managed to make the front and rear main bearing and attendant oil cups I'm focusing on the bearings on the outter crank shafts at the moment. I'm not sure if my approach is the best idea but I elected to make them in pairs and separating them at the...
  4. Workshop Adventures

    My first project Monitor Steam Engine

    Cool .... I'm sure as a newbie I'll get struck quickly so i might be knocking on your virtual door :)
  5. Workshop Adventures

    My first project Monitor Steam Engine

    I might well be mad, but for my first project I've chosen to start with a Monitor Steam Engine using plan i found online from Julius De Waal. I wish I could find a sensible reason for choosing this project, but in truth I just thought it looks cool. At this point I should confess to a total...
  6. Workshop Adventures

    Newbie from the UK

    Hi, I'm not only new to this forum and but also to engineering in general. Crazy I know but I've decided to start off with a twin cylinder steam engine, before I try and tackle a bigger project. Cheers C