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    EDM help

    Im sorry what solution is going to disolve a HS STEEL TAP ?
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    1/3 Scale Ford 289 Hi-Po

    I have seen this done where the half's are silver soldered together . The way you made these could you of threaded the bottom half of the bearing and bolted them together .After boring and finishing , cut out the threads from bottom hemisphere of the bearing.
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    Knucklehead Drawings

    This one?
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    I had no idea how many hours I would have tied up in these rocker arms . 420 STAINLEASS STEEL BODY . HIGH SPEED STEEL PIVIOT PIN . .157 DIAMETER BALL BEARING FOR TIP ROLLER.
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    Those heads and manifold are wicked . Wonder how he made the sand core for the heads .
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    Model Punch Press

    Yes sir All parts,ecept the motor and fasteners .
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    Model Punch Press

    Here is a link to a scale model of a punch press I made over the thanksgiving / christmas break.
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    O Ring for piston rings

    Your using rubber O- rings for piston rings in internal combustion engines running gasoline as fuel ? What keeps the O-ring from melting ? /
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    Unsatisfied !?

    Many years ago I was told .What makes a good tool maker is if you make a mistake being able to fix it .Fix it in a way no one can tell it was fixed ! To me it makes more sense to save a part . Granted there are times when you have to start over . A part has 3 functions .FORM ,FIT, FUNCTION ...
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    How to get a mirror finish on aluminum

    The trick is to remove all the lines from the previous grade of paper before moving to finer grades . I do 120, 180 ,200 ,240 ,320 , 400 ,500, 600 ,800 ,1000 some lapping compound then multi stage buff .Then semi-chrome or Mothers Paste . Polish in the same direction . If you get to 320 and see...
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    Need sage advise of truing up Bridgeport style vertical mill.

    If its that difficult to align your head maybe you should get a tilting table and some sine vises and leave the head alone and tilt the work piece ?
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    Need sage advise of truing up Bridgeport style vertical mill.

    I do something similar to MADJACK I use a precision square on the mill table and slide it till it comes in contact with an extended quill .Adjust the head till it looks good left to right and front to back .Snug up the bolts . I have a plate that has been flat ground very accurately .I put that...
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    Teflon as spark plug insulator

    Since we are talking about spark plugs can a welding tungsten be used as an electrode.
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    Black Widow V8 patterns available

    Is the crankshaft part of the casting set ?
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    Demon V8

    doc 1955 would you mind sharing a pic of the container for the black silicone you are using ? Any numbers on the can ? Thank you sir.
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    Black Widow V8 patterns available

    Whom ever gets these let me know .I would like to get a set of castings .
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    Demon V8

    How are you injecting the silicon?
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    Little Demon V8 - helpful hints (hopefully)

    After cutting the lobes in the wrong place on my first cam I blanked out a second in 1.5 hours .Cam material is 420 stainless cut it with a high speed tool bit ground to .050 thick .
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    This is how I've been doing it , this time I have number 1 on the tail stock end . Got it backwards the first time . So could the cam be used in a motor that runs counter clock wise ?
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    I cut the cam on a surface between centers . My diamound is mounted on the tail stock side. I used the degree that was clockwise rotation being the positive direction . once I got half way thru . Realiized Lobe 1 should of been on the tail stock side . I think my lobes are back works . Think...